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Explorers of Ixalan

Explorers of Ixalan
Explorers of Ixalan logo
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description A steering wheel
Design Peter Lee (lead)
Adam Prosak
Gavin Verhey
Jules Robins
Development Yoni Skolnik (lead)
Del Laugel
Jackie Lee
Jules Robins
Art direction Cynthia Sheppard
Release date November 24, 2017
Plane Ixalan
Themes and mechanics Game tiles, Counter Pieces
Set size Four 60-card theme decks
Expansion code E02[1]
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Iconic Masters Explorers of Ixalan From the Vault: Transform‎‎
For other uses, see Ixalan (disambiguation).

Explorers of Ixalan is an out-of-the-box multiplayer Magic set, that combines board game elements with regular play.[2][3] Though thematically themed to Ixalan, the set is not considered to be part of the Ixalan block. The set was released on November 24, 2017.

Set details[ | ]

Explorers of Ixalan is an annex set.[4]

The game challenges you to defeat your opponents along the way as you search for the lost city of Orazca. Players battle over a board of hexagonal tiles they may claim by paying the amount of mana shown on the back face. Each tile then reveals either an event for an immediate effect, a quest for a reward on completion, or a site that grants a continuous effect but can be stolen by other players. The more tiles revealed, the closer the players get to revealing the Golden City of Orazca. The pool of tiles (50) is larger than the number that are actually used each game (29), so some variation occurs.

This set contains four 60-card preconstructed theme decks (all reprints[5]), 4 deck boxes, 20 double-sided tokens, 50 game tiles (water and jungle, forming an island), 36 counter pieces and 4 scout markers (depicting the factions). Games take about 40 to 45 minutes and can support 2 to 4 players.

The set features 47 reprints (numbered #1/47 to #47/47) and one token with the Explorers of Ixalan expansion symbol. The other cards are Ixalan cards with the Ixalan expansion symbol.

Rules[ | ]

  • Everyone starts at 20 life.
  • You win if all other opponents' life total is 0.
  • You build the map with one Orazca tile and three other shuffled 6-cost tiles in the center, surrounded by 10 3-cost tiles, and 16 1-cost tiles.
  • Once per turn, at sorcery speed, you can pay the cost on a tile to "discover" it, and flip it over to resolve its effects.
  • 1-Cost tiles can be discovered by anyone at any time. 3-Cost tiles can only be discovered when no 1-Cost tiles are touching them. 6-Cost tiles can only be discovered when no 3-cost tiles are touching them.
  • Whenever your discovery would make a 3- or 6-Cost tile available, you can put your scout marker on that 3- or 6-cost tile, and claim it for yourself. Until your next turn, no one else can claim that tile. You don't have to take it either, but no one else gets a shot before you do.
  • Events fire immediately. They cannot be countered, but their effects can be responded to with instants or abilities. Once they are finished, they are removed from play.
  • Quests remain with the player until the criteria are met, and then the ability resolves. This can be responded to by instants or abilities. Once they are finished, they are removed from play.
  • Sites sit in front of the player and resolve whenever the ability says it can.
  • Sites may be "Conquered" from other players. If one or more creatures deals direct combat damage to a player with a site, the controller of those creatures can take up to one site from that player. Only one site can be conquered per combat.
  • If a player loses the game outside of combat damage, the sites they control are removed from the game.

Tiles[ | ]

1-Cost Tiles (25)[ | ]


  • 2x Valuable Recon — Create a Treasure Token. Look at any face-down tile.
  • 2x Broadside Assault — Deal 2 damage to each opponent.
  • 2x From the Mists — Put a permanent card with converted mana cost 3 or less from your hand onto the battlefield.
  • Natural Defenses — You create two Saproling tokens and an opponent of your choices creates one Saproling token.
  • Rejuvenating Waters — You gain 4 life and an opponent of your choice gains 2 life.
  • Too Much to Carry — You create two Treasure tokens and an opponent of your choice creates one Treasure token.
  • Jungle's Bounty — Create a Saproling token. Gain 2 life.


  • 2x Plunder the Plunderers — The next time combat damage is dealt to you, create two Treasure tokens.
  • 2x Study the Nine Rivers — The next time you would draw a card, instead look at the top four cards of your library, then put one into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library.
  • 2x Sails Unfurled — The next creature that enters the battlefield under your control enters with an additional +1/+1 counter on it, and it gains haste until end of turn.
  • 3x Cannons to Starboard — The next time you deal combat damage to the player on your right, draw a card.
  • 3x Cannons to Port — The next time you deal combat damage to the player on your left, draw a card.
  • Dusk's Embrace — The next time a creature you control dies, draw a card.


  • Walls of Adanto — Creatures can't attack you. An opponent may pay {1} to ignore this effect until end of turn.
  • High and Dry, Pirates' Market — At the beginning of your end step, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.

3-Cost tiles (18)[ | ]


  • Wavering Allegiances — Exchange control of two target creatures.
  • Trespass at Spitfire Bastion — Deal 3 damage to target creature or player.
  • Savage Stirring — Keep until your next turn. At the beginning of combat on each player's turn, that player may choose a creature. Until end of turn, that creature gets +3/+3, gains trample, and can't attack you.
  • Turn Tail — Return up to two target creatures controlled by different players to their owners' hands.
  • Placate the Raptors — Each opponent sacrifices a creature.
  • Unwitting Accomplice — Gain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn.
  • Deadly Challenge — Choose two target creatures controlled by different players. Those creatures fight each other.
  • Throw Overboard — Destroy target creature you don't control.
  • Secure the High Ground — Keep until your next turn. Creatures can't attack you.
  • Scrolls of Azcanta — Each player draws two cards, then each of your opponents discards two cards.


  • Blade and Claw — The next time you attack with exactly two creatures, untap them and they each get +2/+2 until end of turn.
  • Jade Reflection — When you cast your next instant or sorcery spell, copy that spell, and you may choose new targets for the copy.
  • Prove Worthy — The next time you deal combat damage to an opponent with the most life, create a Dinosaur token.
  • Can't Take It With You — The next time an opponent leaves the game, draw two cards and create four Treasure tokens.
  • Blessing of the Shapers — Your next creature enters the battlefield with three additional +1/+1 counters on it.


  • Deeproot Tree — At the beginning of your end step, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control.
  • Gold-Laden Shipwreck — At the beginning of your end step, create a Treasure token.
  • Shrine to Ixalli — At the beginning of your end step, create a Saproling token.

6-Cost Tiles (7)[ | ]


  • The Blood Fast Ends — For each opponent, destroy up to one target permanent that player controls.
  • Weather the Storm — Each player discards their hand. Each opponent draws four cards. You draw seven cards and untap all lands you control.
  • Ceratops Stampede — Keep until your next turn. Whenever a creature attacks a player other than you, that creature gains double strike until end of turn.
  • Rise From the Depths — Put the top six cards of your library into your graveyard, then search your graveyard for a number of creature cards whose total power is 6 or less and put them onto the battlefield.
  • Might of the Sun Empire — Create a Dinosaur token, then put two +1/+1 counters on each creature you control.
  • Melee at the Gates — Keep until your next turn. Creatures your opponents control attack each turn if able. They can’t attack you.


  • Orazca, the Golden City — When you reveal this tile or take it from another player, draw two cards. At the beginning of your upkeep, draw two cards and deal 3 damage to each opponent.

Theme decks[ | ]

Each of the four theme decks is connected to one of the factions featured in the Ixalan block

deck name
Colors Included
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Legion of Dusk W B
Brazen Coalition U B R
River Heralds U G
Sun Empire W R G

Reprints[ | ]

Color Name First printed Last seen Notes
1 {W} Beacon of Immortality Fifth Dawn Tenth Edition
2 {W} Day of Judgment Zendikar Magic 2012
3 {W} Path to Exile Conflux Modern Masters 2017
4 {W} Shielded by Faith Commander 2015 First reprint
5 {W} Veteran's Reflexes Worldwake First reprint
6 {W} Vow of Duty Commander Commander 2015
7 {U} Aether Gale Commander 2014 First reprint
8 {U} Blatant Thievery Onslaught Commander 2015 New art and flavor text
9 {U} Concentrate Odyssey Commander 2014
10 {U} Merfolk Sovereign Magic 2010 Magic 2011 New art and flavor text featuring Tishana
11 {U} Threads of Disloyalty Betrayers of Kamigawa Amonkhet Invocations
12 {U} Time Warp Tempest Magic 2010
13 {U} Unsummon Alpha Hour of Devastation
14 {U} Vow of Flight Commander First reprint
15 {B} Bloodbond Vampire Battle for Zendikar First reprint
16 {B} Child of Night Magic 2010 Conspiracy: Take the Crown
17 {B} Coat with Venom Dragons of Tarkir First reprint
18 {B} Doom Blade Magic 2010 Archenemy: Nicol Bolas
19 {B} Innocent Blood Odyssey Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis
20 {B} Necropolis Regent Return to Ravnica First reprint
21 {B} Urge to Feed Worldwake Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt
22 {B} Vampire Interloper Innistrad First reprint
23 {B} Vampire Nighthawk Zendikar Commander 2017
24 {B} Vampire Noble Shadows over Innistrad First reprint
25 {R} Aggravated Assault Onslaught Amonkhet Invocations
26 {R} Disaster Radius Rise of the Eldrazi Commander 2015
27 {R} Mass Mutiny Planechase 2012 Commander 2013 New art and flavor text
28 {R} Rush of Adrenaline Shadows over Innistrad First reprint
29 {R} Shared Animosity Morningtide First reprint
30 {R} Vow of Lightning Commander First reprint
31 {G} Borderland Ranger Magic 2010 Avacyn Restored
32 {G} Giant Growth Alpha Magic 2014
33 {G} Hunter's Prowess Born of the Gods Commander 2017
34 {G} Prey Upon Innistrad Aether Revolt New art and flavor text
35 {G} Rancor Urza's Legacy Eternal Masters
36 {G} Soul of the Harvest Avacyn Restored Welcome Deck 2016
37 {G} Vow of Wildness Commander First reprint
38 {G}{U} Jungle Barrier Apocalypse Iconic Masters
39 {R}{W} Lightning Helix Ravnica: City of Guilds Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning
40 {W}{B} Mortify Guildpact Commander 2017
41 {W}{B} Zealous Persecution Alara Reborn Eternal Masters New art and flavor text
42 {C} Adaptive Automaton Magic 2012 First reprint
43 {C} Prismatic Lens Time Spiral Eternal Masters
44 {C} Quicksilver Amulet Urza's Legacy Magic 2012
45 {land symbol} Crumbling Necropolis Shards of Alara Commander 2017 New art and flavor text
46 {land symbol} Jungle Shrine Shards of Alara Commander 2017 New art and flavor text
47 {land symbol} Tainted Field Torment Commander 2015

Tokens[ | ]

There are 20 double-sided tokens, with Treasure on the backs of all of them.[6]

  • 2x {W} 1/1 Vampire with lifelink // {C} Treasure (XLN #008/010)
  • 3x {G} 3/3 Dinosaur with trample // {C} Treasure (XLN #008/010)
  • 5x {G} 3/3 Dinosaur with trample // {C} Treasure (XLN #009/010)
  • 5x {G} 1/1 Saproling (new art, Explorers of Ixalan set symbol) // {C} Treasure (XLN #007/010)
  • 5x {G} 1/1 Saproling (new art, Explorers of Ixalan set symbol) // {C} Treasure (XLN #010/010)

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Gallery[ | ]