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Affinity is a heavily artifact reliant Deck originating from Mirrodin which has introduced the Affinity mechanic. The deck has never lost its' basic premise of laying down a lot of cheap costed Artifacts and Artifacts which cost have been reduced by Affinity, replenishing the hand with Thoughtcast, and win by continuously attacking. In the end any creature, sometimes just an Ornithopter, boosted by either a Cranial Plating or the +1/+1 counters of an Arcbound Ravager, finishes the job. Direct Damage spells such as Shrapnel Blast, Fling, and Soul's Fire have also been used throughout the deck's history.

As said, the deck has evolved continuously and survived the respective bannings of Skullclamp, AEther Vial, and Disciple of the Vault as well as continuous printing of hate cards such as Kataki, War's Wage. Because of this resilience, the deck was sometimes referred to as "The Blob".[1]

In 2008, Mike Flores named Pierre Canali's Affinity deck, with which he won Pro Tour Columbus in 2005, the 9th most powerful Extended deck of all time.[2]

Affinity - Alex Majlaton - Grand Prix Charlotte 2005

Affinity - Daniel Posey - PTQ Honolulu 2009 in Houston


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