Extended Cephalid Breakfast deck

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Cephalid Breakfast was a combo-Reanimator deck. The primary goal was to put Cephalid Illusionist into play and repeatedly target the card with Nomads en-Kor or Shaman en-Kor, putting the entire library into the graveyard. Next a Krosan Reclamation would be played by Flashback to set up Reanimate or Exhume on an empty library. With that card, a Sutured Ghoul is reanimated who removes all creature cards in the graveyard to grow to lethal size, gains haste with Dragon Breath and attacks. An ideal draw would yield a turn 3 kill, however the deck had to deal with steep mana requirements as it needed to cast spells of four different colors to win. An extremely lucky draw could also result in a turn 2 kill if the first eight cards include Nomads, Illusionist, Chrome Mox, Reanimate, a five-color land and a black or white throwaway card to imprint on Chrome Mox.

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