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Friggorid is a blue-black combo-aggro deck powered by the Dredge mechanic and Odysseys graveyard theme. Ideally, as early as first turn (using Chrome Mox), Tolarian Winds would be played, discarding the entire hand. Instead of drawing cards, the large sized Dredge of Golgari Grave-Troll and/or Stinkweed Imp would be used to pump a large portion of the library into the graveyard. Since dredge cards can put other Dredge cards into the graveyard, sometimes a single copy of either card could suffice in the opening hand. This can set up continuous attacks by Ichorids and Flashback cards such as Cabal Therapy (just sacrifice an Ichorid after it attacked) and Deep Analysis. This would be followed by a Psychatog that can attack for lethal damage the next turn and is provided with Evasion by Filth or Wonder in the graveyard. Should Tolarian Winds not be available, discard outlets such in form of Putrid Imp and Zombie Infestation could set up the Dredge cards for draw steps and Deep Analysis (also discarded).

Friggorid - Ryou Ogura - The Finals 2005 Japan Extended


When Bridge from Below and Narcomoeba were released in Future Sight, the deck underwent a revolution and became much faster as well. An ideal game would look like this:

  • Turn 1:
  • Turn 2:
  • Instead of drawing a card in the draw step, Dredge Grave-Troll and put 6 from the library into the graveyard.
  • Discard all cards to Putrid Imp except for Breakthrough.
  • Play Breakthrough and dredge for each card. This will put up to 24 cards in the graveyard given all four Grave-Troll came into the yard by discard or dredge.
  • Put all Narcomoebas that were dredged into play. Hopefully this will be at least two.
  • Sacrifice two Narcomoebas and Putrid Imp to flashback Dread Return reanimating Cephalid Sage.
  • Put Zombie-Tokens into play for each sacrificed creature and each Bridge from Below in the graveyard.
  • With Cephalid Sage's comes into play ability, dredge the rest of the library into the graveyard.
  • Put all remaining Narcomoebas that were dredged into play.
  • Sacrifice three creatures, cards before tokens, for another Dread Return reanimating Flame-Kin Zealot.
  • Put Zombie-Tokens into play for each sacrificed creature card and each Bridge from Below in the graveyard.
  • Flame-Kin Zealot will come into play, making all tokens 3/3 and giving them haste. You should now have about 10 tokens in play.
  • Attack with all creatures for the win.

Alternatively, the standard Ichorid plan could be used. Sometimes an Akroma would be reanimated should the Combo not have worked. However, the deck can easily fizzle should vital cards not be put into the graveyard early on.

Zendikar Resurrgence[]

When Odyssey left the Extended format, the deck laid dormant for a long time as many vital cards were lost from the deck, such as Cabal Therapy, Careful Study, Breakthrough, Ichorid, Putrid Imp and Cephalid Sage. The release of Zendikar however would revitalize the deck as Ichorid was replaced with Bloodghast, Cephalid Sage with Sphinx of Lost Truths and Putrid Imp with Hedron Crab. Ideas Unbound and Drowned Rusalka or Magus of the Bazaar from previous sets would make up for the loss in card draw.

Yuuya Watanabe and Naoki Shimizu made it into the Top 8 of Pro Tour Austin 2009 with similar decklists.