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The Necropotence deck was a Standard deck popular in 1996.[1][2][3][4] With a Dark Ritual, a first turn Necropotence was possible and the Necro's card advantage won games. It began what was known as the "Black Summer". Ultimately Necro was banned a few years later.

This is a sample deck list of the classic, mono black Necropotence deck. This deck combined the power of Necropotence with disruption and efficient creatures.

Necropotence 1996 Type 2

The famous Necropotence Deck was a rather aggressive black-based deck using Lake of the Dead to pump out spells with big and heavily black mana requirements early and also activate the identical Pump-Knights Order of the Ebon Hand and Knight of Stromgald. The card Necropotence would give massive card advantage including drawing more swamps to feed into the Lake. Drain Life would also be powered by the Lake and both replenish life lost to Necropotence as well as deal more damage to the opponent, eventually finishing him off.

The deck also splashed white for Disenchant and sideboard cards and red for Burn spells.

The deck was made famous by Randy Buehler's win of Pro Tour Chicago in 1997. In 2008, Mike Flores named it the best Extended deck of all time.[5]

Lauerpotence - Randy Buehler - Pro Tour Chicago 1997

This version splashes red for Lightning Bolt and the potential of a massive Fireball.

Necropotence Deck


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