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Psychatog, named for Psychatog was a blue-black control deck with heavy reliance on countermagic and creature removal. Originally a design out of the Invasion-7th-Odyssey Standard format, the deck was quickly adapted for the Extended scene throughout various rotation until its demise when Odyssey and with it the namesake card left the game.

Primarily, the deck would utilize discard, countermagic and creature removal to keep the opponent from winning the game. For long times, the deck played no permanents beside Lands and Psychatogs (save the occasional single copy of Wonder which would be discarded to give the Tog Flying). Occasional board sweepers such as Upheaval or later Damnation would also be employed. The hand was continuously replenished with card draw spells such as Accumulated Knowledge and Fact or Fiction. At some point, a Psychatog would be put into play protected by counters in hand. He would chip away at the life total until it would eventually be pumped to a lethal size and finish the game. Sometimes this was just done after an Upheaval immediately followed by the 'Tog.

Modifications were accumulated as they saw fit, most notably the inclusion of Isochron Scepter and Counterbalance in combination with Sensei's Divining Top. While Dredge cards were occasionally used to speed up the time until Psychatog could be lethal, the concept spun off into the much more aggressive Friggorid deck in which Psychatog saw play.

Psychatog - Eugene Harvey - Masters 2003 Yokohama

Psychatog - Peter Myrvig - Pro Tour Houston 2002

Psychatog - Richard Hoan – Pro Tour Columbus 2005

Big Stinks (Dredgatog) - Julien Nuijten - Grand Prix Copenhagen 2005

CounterTop - Ryo Ogura - Grand Prix Singapore 2007

Psychatog - Antoine Ruel - Pro Tour Los Angeles 2005 - Winning Decklist