Extended Reliquary Rock deck

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Reliquary Rock is a black-green aggro-control deck. It splashes white for a few cards. In the early game it uses discard spells such as Thoughtseize and Raven's Crime to put pressure on the opponent. Meanwhile, the deck sets up a combination of Life from the Loam and Onslaught Cycling Lands (e.g. Tranquil Thicket) as a card drawing engine. This can also refuel Raven's Crime. If necessary, the deck can clear the board with Crime/Punishment and sometimes also uses Engineered Explosives for the same reason. The deck finishes off with a large Tarmogoyf or Knight of the Reliquary. Alternatively a Worm Harvest, dredged into the graveyard by Loam, can be retraced.

Loam - Rabie Mikael - PTQ Honolulu 2009 St. Etienne