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Extus Narr
Extus Narr.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Arcavios
Lifetime Mending Era

Extus Narr was a shadowy figure on Arcavios. He lurked in the shadows of Strixhaven and was the head of the Oriq.


Extus was a human warlock who attended Strixhaven as part of Silverquill College many years ago, but he was passed over for the role of Oracle by the five Founder Dragons. He had a special hatred for the Dragonsguard, who had stood in his way, and all the rest of Strixhaven's elite with them.[1]

Extus was all ego, he believed he was the preeminent mage in the entire plane of Arcavios. His arrogance was spiked with fits of rage — he was furious that others did not appreciate and recognize his superiority, and he would take it out on anyone who did not show utter deference to him.[2]


At some unknown point in time, he took control of the Oriq and began his path for vengeance. He tried to awaken the Blood Avatar to demolish Strixhaven University and claim its world-renowned library of spells for himself. When the planeswalker Lukka was brought to him, Extus told the man there were many things Extus could teach him if, in return, Lukka did things for him.[3] Lukka helped the Oriq by distracting Kasmina and coordinating a mage hunter attack on Strixhaven.[4]

The assault on Strixhaven became the perfect misdirection for Extus’s true goals. During the ensuing chaos, Extus entered the Biblioplex and descended into the Hall of Oracles to harness the power of the Strixhaven Snarl, a maelstrom of power left behind from the creation of the world. Professor Onyx along with Will and Rowan Kenrith attempted to intervene, but the professor was translocated away while the twins were easily kept at bay. Having bound himself to the Snarl’s power, Extus successfully summoned the Blood Avatar, a being of war and destruction.[5] However, this would be his undoing, and he was killed in the fight by the very creature he had summoned.[6]


Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Episode 1: Class is in Session Adana Washington 2021-03-25 Strixhaven: School of Mages Arcavios, Kylem Liliana Vess, Will Kenrith, Rowan Kenrith, Lukka, Mila, Kasmina, Shaile, Nassari, Lisette
Episode 2: Lessons Adana Washington 2021-03-31 Strixhaven: School of Mages Arcavios Lukka, Mila, Liliana Vess, Beledros Witherbloom, Extus Narr, Rowan Kenrith
Episode 3: Extracurriculars Adana Washington 2021-04-07 Strixhaven: School of Mages Arcavios Will Kenrith, Rowan Kenrith, Quintorius Kand, Liliana Vess, Kasmina, Lukka, Mila, Extus Narr
Episode 4: Put to the Test Adana Washington 2021-04-14 Strixhaven: School of Mages Arcavios Will Kenrith, Rowan Kenrith, Liliana Vess, Imbraham, Kianne, Lukka, Extus Narr, The Blood Avatar
Episode 5: Final Exam Adana Washington 2021-04-21 Strixhaven: School of Mages Arcavios Will Kenrith, Rowan Kenrith, The Blood Avatar, Extus Narr, Uvilda, Lukka, Mila, Nassari, Lisette, Liliana Vess, Kasmina
Blue-Green Ribbons Innocent Chizaram Ilo 2021-04-23 Strixhaven: School of Mages Arcavios Zimone Wola, Imbraham, Kianne, Isabough, Codie, Extus Narr, Nimiroti Wola

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