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Falco Spara
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Race Bird Demon
Birthplace Capenna
Scryfall Search
lore:"Falco Spara"

Falco Spara is the crime-lord and boss of the Brokers family in New Capenna.[1][2]


Falco is a mighty Aven. He is known for throwing disloyal members off his balcony in Nido Sanctuary.[3]


New Capenna's foundation lies shrouded in mystery, a fog produced of time, passing generations, and magic. Few beings have clear memory of the city's beginning, but first among that exclusive group is the head of the Brokers: Falco Spara, Pactweaver.

Raised from mortality to demonhood during New Capenna's founding days, Falco Spara is a rigorous, exacting mind. Falco has built his Brokers to become New Capenna's professional protectors of the highest order. Their pacts and contracts are binding — sometimes literally — providing their signees with protection in exchange for a debt, to be claimed at a later date. To those in need of even more protection, Falco has trained his Brokers in shielding magics, offering them as personal bodyguards and protectors to anyone in New Capenna who can afford it.

Falco was on top of the world, a lord of Park Heights. Each of the other four families relied on his Brokers for protection, as well as much of the city's civic and social elite. And then the Adversary came, and Falco discovered how far the fall is from the top of the world.[4]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Contract Breaker Tobias S. Buckell 2022-03-28 Streets of New Capenna Capenna Perrie, Junash, Ari, Leonard, Rigo, Falco Spara, Kros, Jolene

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