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Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel cover.jpg
Publication information
Publisher ARMADA
Publication period May, 1996
Number of issues 1
Character(s) Xarl, Trine and Eskil
Creative team
Writer(s) Nancy Collins
Editor(s) Matt Forbeck, Jeof Vita and Jeffrey Artemis-Gómez
Illustrator(s) Richard Kane Ferguson, Dennis Calero
Letterer(s) Jade Moede
Preceded By
Elder Dragons
Followed By
Legend of Jedit Ojanen

Fallen Angel is a Magic: The Gathering comic published by ARMADA in May 1996.[1][2]


The warlord Mandek Ironfist gets the wizard Xarl to turn a summoned Serra Angel into a fallen angel with an artifact called the Horned Halo. The angel, Trine, turns into an unstoppable killing machine and Mandek creates an empire. Three centuries later Mandek is long gone, but Xarl is still around, dominating the continent of Corondor thanks to Trine. He appoints his spellsquire Eskil as his heir. The moment Xarl dies, Trine goes on a rampage. Eskil summons another angel, Rahel, who stops Trine. Eskil is struck blind, but becomes a planeswalker.


This issue included the card Fallen Angel from Chronicles.


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