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Fandom Legends was a sponsored weekly Magic tournament series that was played on MTG Arena in 2019.[1]

Fandom, formerly Wikia, is a for-profit wiki hosting service that powers essential parts of the Magic community, including the MTG Wiki you are reading right now. When they purchased Curse Media in December, 2018, Fandom also acquired Curse Trials, a tournament series that featured PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. It was renamed Fandom Legends and now hosts weekly Smash Ultimate and MTG Arena tournaments on Twitch at

Fandom started their weekly $4,000 MTG Arena tournaments in April, 2019, in order to further engage the communities of the game that that the company had properties in.[1] Their goal was to host these tournaments weekly, every Thursday, and potentially support qualifier tournaments so anyone could qualify to play in them. Initially though, the tournament series would remain invite-only because of the lack of a spectator mode in MTG Arena, which meant that Fandom had to rely on players’ streams in order to provide coverage of the events. The 16 players invited to each event were a mix of Magic Pro League members and streamers.

The last Fandom Legends tournament was held on October 17, 2019.


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