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Farris of the Anvil
Farris of the Anvil.jpg
Race Vulshok
Birthplace Oxidda Chain, Mirrodin
Lifetime ~4540
Scars of Mirrodin

Farris of the Anvil is a Vulshok warrior from Mirrodin. He is a member of the Anvil tribe from the Oxidda Chain.[1]


As an important leader of his tribe, Farris was often sent by their Warchief in trips to fight off the threats faced by them as well as act as an emissary to other tribes. One of these trips included a meeting with a representative of the Shield Tribe. The meeting, however, was ambushed and his party was attacked by Phyrexian-affiliated beasts. Only five of them survived: himself, Trinu of the Helm tribe, and three others from his tribe.

Farris later returned to the settlement of the Anvil tribe where he later was forced to defend it from an army of attacking Phyrexians. Due to heavy casualties brought upon by the onslaught, he sought help from the goblins and the ogres and from his ally, Trinu of the Helm tribe.

During the Phyrexian invasion of Oxid Ridge, Farris detonated a bomb in order to stop the Phyrexians, killing them along with many of Farris's allies, human, goblin, and ogre alike. Farris was captured as a result of this but was able to escape immediately. Due to the guilt of what he had witnessed while in captivity, he assumed the title "Traitor of Oxid Ridge" and decided to roam the land hunting for Phyrexians.

Farris often addresses his letters to a woman named Sharaia, his sister.

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