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Race Human Planeswalker
Birthplace Rabiah
Lifetime Born before -5000 AR
Encyclopedia Dominia - City of brass (archived).

The planeswalker Fatima was born in ages past on Rabiah.

She was one of the most powerful women of the plane, rich not only in camels and silks, but even in magic. She prized her independency most, since on Rabiah women are often controlled by their fathers or husbands. Fatima's father was dead and her lover, al-Abin, had agreed to never marry her, until one night he changed his mind and asked her hand.

Furious at al-Abin and his land, Fatima went into a rage that lasted several days. When her rage subsided, she turned all of her attention to her magic. Determined to build a place where none would ever dare disturb her, Fatima created the City of Brass, that blazed with the heat of her fury.

While she worked on her city, Fatima's power grew until it was so great she could stride across the planes and leave her people behind. She moved her city to the farthest edges of Rabiah, where she worked in complete solitude, until she felt a touch of loneliness and created the first Brass Man.

Fatima cares deeply for her creations, which bore the grief she never allowed herself to feel. She still resides today in her city, keeping intruders away with the heat of the city fires and with her rage and grief.

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