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Race Homunculus
Birthplace New Prahv, Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era

Fblthp, pronounced as "Fibblethip",[1] is a cowardly homunculus from Ravnica with a talent for getting hopelessly lost.[2][3][4]


Fblthp serves the Azorius Senate, working in the Magister's Gardens. He was mostly left alone to do his duties, an arrangement he was quite happy with. He would tidy up and take care of the plants, content with his lot in life. One day, Arrester Parisha took him on a mission to capture the Rakdos criminal Vadax Gor, whose taste in victims had become more specialized and deviant. As part of the operation to apprehend the cultist, Fblthp was used as a lure. When Vadax quite literally took the bait, Parisha sprang into action and saved the put-upon homunculus.

For his participation and the mission's success, Fblthp was awarded the possibility of his descendants petitioning the Senate to create a tablet to register Fblthp's exploits upon his death.

Fblthp was present during the War of the Spark. He somehow found his way to the top of Nicol Bolas's statue of himself, which was still preferable to the time he was stuck in the Juri Revue for a week.

Story appearances

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Fblthp Matt Tabak 2013-12-25 Gatecrash Ravnica Fblthp

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