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Feldon of the Third Path.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime At the time of the Brothers' War

Feldon was an important archeologist, glaciologist and mage during the Brothers' War on Dominaria.


Early years[]

Feldon grew up at the foot of the Ronom Glacier on Terisiare. He became an archaeologist and retrieved such items from the Glacier such as his famed cane and the Golgothian Sylex.

The Third Path[]

As the Brothers' War intensified a group of people decided not to align themselves with either of the two sides but to form the Third Path, a research group based in Terisia City who hoped to discover a way to defeat or at least withstand the Brothers. Feldon joined and it is here that he met the Argivian woman Loran, with whom he fell in love.


Then the Brotherhood of Gix betrayed the Third Path to Mishra. Juggernauts and Dragon Engines attacked and destroyed Terisia City, but during the battle Hurkyl used a magical spell to unsummon a group of the artificial killing machines. Although their center was destroyed many Third Path members escaped and began practicing the magic Hurkyl had showed to be so powerful. Feldon was one of these early pioneers of magic.

As he fled however, he was separated from Loran. She hoped to get the immensely powerful Golgothian Sylex to safety, but she was captured by Ashnod who tortured her to discover the secrets of the artifact.

After the Devastation[]

But one day, Loran escaped and managed to reunite with Feldon. They lived happily in a small cottage near the Ronom Glacier. But Ashnod had managed to get the secret of the Sylex from Loran and the artifact was activated by Urza on Argoth, an event that lead to the Ice Age on Dominaria.

The cooling climate and injuries she sustained from Ashnod's torture lead to Loran's death years after the Sylex Blast. Mad with grief, Feldon tried to replace her with an automaton, but after he realized the creature was not really Loran, he removed its powerstone and placed the automaton by his wife's grave as a statue.[1]

The study of Magic[]

As a practitioner of the Third Path, Feldon was convinced magic could bring back his lost love. But since he only possessed red magic, he went to travel the land in search of others who could perhaps help him.

The first he found was the "Hedge Wizard", a crazy hermit living near the ruins of Sarinth. But his green magic only influenced the living, not the dead. The Hedge Wizard did give Feldon the directions to a sorceress living near Ronom Lake, but her blue magic could only create illusions of Loran, not truly bring her back to life.

The sorceress sent him to a black mage in a the nearby swamps. This man promised Feldon to teach him a spell to bring back Loran in exchange for Feldon's Cane. But after Feldon had agreed, learned the spell and cast it he discovered it had created a zombified version of her. Disgusted, Feldon unsummoned the creature before he could lay eyes on it, but by then the black mage had disappeared completely.

The last mage he visited was a white scholar. This man taught Feldon that magic could only summon magical copies of people, not bring them back to life. Feldon did use this knowledge to create a copy of his wife from memory, but after saying goodbye to her he let the summoned being go.

Saying goodbye helped Feldon get over his grief and he lived out his days in happiness. He allowed other people to learn from his library and from himself as he had promised the scholar, and became an important person in the early days of magical research on Terisiare.


  • After Feldon's death, during the Dark, "Feldon's Cane and Crutches!" was a mild profanity often uttered by wizards.
  • Feldon is the titular character of the "Workshop Series" in Magic: The Gathering Arena, a weekly event where players duel using preconstructed decks.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Loran's Smile Jeff Grubb 1999-02-01 Dominaria Loran, Feldon

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