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Ferrous Rokiric
Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime ~400-500 Z.C

Ferrous Rokiric was a legendary Wojek Commander-General from Ravnica.[1] He was responsible for bringing the stone Titans of Ravnica to the City of Ravnica in the fourth century of the first millennium. The Rokiric Pavilion is named after him.


Over nine thousand years ago, the city of Ravnica was in a state of disorder. While the magical Guildpact that enforced a division of responsibilities between the ten guilds had existed for four centuries, increasingly destructive rebellions by the Golgari and Rakdos had crippled the city. The Wojek League, responsible for enforcing law and order, was stretched to the breaking point.

Commander-General Ferrous Rokiric devised a solution: ten mighty stone titans, each equal to a hundred soldiers in combat, were brought to the city to put down the rebellions and maintain the peace. When the uprising had quieted, nine of the titans were stationed at the borders of the city, while the tenth titan, Zobor, stood guard over the Tenth District. It served as an awe-inspiring reminder of the power of the Boros Legion until its destruction during the Decamillennial Celebration.[2]

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