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Filter lands can refer to two different sets of dual lands.[1] Their name describes the ability to take one mana and turn it into a combination of two colored mana.

Odyssey filter lands[]

The original filter lands were a cycle of lands that appeared in Odyssey. They each have an activation cost of {1} and produce two mana of different colors of an allied color pair.

Shadowmoor/Eventide filter lands[]

Newer filter lands were previewed in Future Sight. The cycle of ten dual lands was finished in the sets Shadowmoor and Eventide. In Shadowmoor the cycle of allied colored lands were printed, while Eventide had the cycle of enemy colored lands. They each take one mana of two possible colors and produce two mana of any combination of the two colors that can be paid. They can also tap for {C} mana. They were reprinted in Oath of the Gatewatch: Zendikar Expeditions and Double Masters

Allied colored from Shadowmoor[]

Enemy colored from Eventide[]

Ravnica Signets[]

During Ravnica block a cycle of ten Mana Stones were printed which have abilities similar to the original filter lands. These artifacts cost {2} to cast and can be tapped to filter {1} into two mana of two different colors.

Allied colored[]

Enemy colored[]

Original triple lands[]

The earliest triple land cycle from Homelands which produces three colors of mana conditionally as follows:

{T}: Add {C}.
{1},{T}: Add M.
{2},{T}: Add N or O.

where N and O are the allied colors of M.

By a looser definition, much like some of the lands listed below, these too are filter lands, but are strictly worse than several of them.

Other filter lands[]

There are a few other filter lands, that don't belong in any cycle:


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