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Fionnsutha is a young ash treefolk of Lorwyn, bearing the mantle of Wanderer that was passed down to her from her predecessor, Flann. Fionnsutha found Flann after she had been caught in a great forest fire that left her burnt and dying. As her final gift, Flann passed the mantle of Wanderer to Fionnsutha, as well as her bag of magical tools, but failed to pass on any significant insight before succumbing to her wounds. Totally unprepared, Fionnsutha set out in Flann's footsteps, determined to carry on advising those in need. Pilgrims still seek out the Wanderer in search of answers, but now find Fionnsutha in Flann's place. Fionnsutha does her best to live up the renown of the tree that came before her, but most often her advice ends up more cryptic than Flann's would have been, for she lacks the worldly wisdom of her predecessor.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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