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First seen Magic: The Gathering (comic)
Last seen War of the Spark: Forsaken
Planeswalkers Dack Fayden, Daretti
Rabiah Scale 7[1]
Status Stable

Fiora is the birth plane of the planeswalkers Dack Fayden and Daretti. It was first seen in the IDW comic The Spell Thief , and later featured in the Conspiracy sets.[2][3] Fiora strongly resembles a renaissance era city with Italian style architecture, predominantly with domed roofs.


Fiora is home to countless intrigues and plots. The high lords of the High City of Paliano vie for supremacy.[4] Move is met with countermove, and trust with betrayal, all under the auspices of the monarch of the moment.[5] Those who sit in the legislative seats of the High City control the vote, and the laws issued from Paliano mystically bind the populace. Murder, manslaughter, and violence have never been outlawed — in fact, they are tools utilized by politicians and nobility on a regular basis.[6]

Artifact creatures doing menial tasks used to be part of every household.[7][8] However, cogwork was eliminated from the streets of Paliano, after the bid for power by Muzzio. The former king, Brago and the Custodi closed down Academy, happy that those who stood against them were absent or dead.[9][10] The current queen is Marchesa, the Black Rose.

Outside of Paliano, the populace lives in smaller towns run by local government equally rife with corruption and back-alley dealings. The expansive wilderness of Fiora remains unexplored.


  • The High City of Paliano, the capital which is raised on an enormous platform.
    • The Santuo District, a neighbourhood with luxurious estates
  • The Lowlands, the Lower City of Paliano.
    • The Thieves' Quarter
    • The Fiddler's Inn[11]
    • The Corru River, flowing through the Lower City
  • Talon, a neighbouring town
  • Drakeston (or Drakestown [12]), a ghost town. It was Dack Fayden's hometown, until it was wiped out by Sifa Grent using the "Ancient Fang", while Dack was away on Alkabah.
  • Kinnesta, a neighbouring empire
  • Trest, an elven port city-state.

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