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Race Angel
Birthplace Starnheim, Kaldheim
Lifetime Mending Era

Firja. Judge of Valor is an angel cleric from Kaldheim.


Shepherds are Valkyries who lead the worthy dead to their rightful place in Starnheim. Reapers are Valkyries who claim the lives of the unworthy and drag them to Istfell. Both types of Valkyrie must agree on a fallen warrior's fate before it can be enacted. Firja was a shepherd who was paired with a reaper counterpart. Together, they had to judge a warrior who fled a battle. The reaper argued that this was an irredeemable act of cowardice. Firja, however, experienced a vision. She saw that this warrior was destined for greater things, and this one act of dishonor would spurn them to become one of the greatest fighters in the realm.

The reaper, refusing to acknowledge this vision, prepared to take the warrior's life. Firja, in an unprecedented act, struck the reaper down. As the reaper lay dying, Firja found herself absorbing her essence. A black pair of wings suddenly jutted from her back, accompanying her white ones. She is now one of a kind, the first Valkyrie to be both shepherd and reaper.

She travels the realms alone, with only her own judgment to guide her and the souls of mortals.[1]

Firja is responsible for preventing the god Egon from entering Starnheim before his time. Only after her judgment will the god of death be able to enter Starnheim or not. The valkyrie has been doing this for eons and appointed the warrior spirit Ranar as guardian of the passage between Istfell and Starnheim to halt Egon's invasion.[2]


  • Firja may be inspired by Freyja.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Direction. Purpose. Honor. Glory. Miguel Lopez 2021-01-29 Kaldheim Kaldheim Ranar, Egon, Firja

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