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Flann was an ash treefolk of Lorwyn, known to most as the Wanderer, a giver of great knowledge. While most ashes tend to stay in one place for long periods, Flann wandered the world for her entire life, almost never returning to her grove. Flann was a wielder of powerful magics, and many sought her for advice. Flann was caught in a great forest fire that left her burnt and dying, but a young ash named Fionnsutha found her before she passed. As her final gift, Flann passed the mantle of Wanderer to Fionnsutha, as well as her bag of magical tools, but failed to pass on any significant insight before succumbing to her wounds.

Pilgrims still seek out the Wanderer in search of answers, but Fionnsutha gives them much more cryptic advice than Flann would have, lacking the worldly wisdom of her predecessor.

Flann was a dear friend of Adair River Span, who is currently searching for her, unaware of her death.


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