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Flight of the White Cat
Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period October 10–22, 2008
URL Flight of the White Cat
Creative team
Writer(s) Brady Dommermuth, Doug Beyer, Jenna Helland
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Greg Staples
Letterer(s) Brian Dumas
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Flight of the White Cat is a webcomic about Ajani and his brother Jazal. Sarkhan Vol also makes an appearance. It was originally published in three parts in October 2008. The comic was later published on paper in Path of the Planeswalker.


Part 1[]

Naya. The leonin kha Jazal Goldmane has put his brother Ajani on patrol with his pridemates Tenoch and Qala against their protests. They argue that Ajani is jinxed because he is an albino. The patrol is attacked by humans who are after Ajani, and his pridemates abandon him. Ajani ponders the fact that his kind of magic can only aid his friends, but that they have left him to die. He puts up a big fight but is wounded and overwhelmed by the humans. Just in time, Jazal shows up and together they manage to defeat the humans. They discover a paper with Ajani's likeness, and Jazal promises his brother he will find out who is after his head.

Part 2[]

Jazal's pride celebrates Marisi's Breaking of the Coil. Ajani notices that the shaman Zaliki leaves the party and catches her entering Jazal's lair. As Zaliki flees, Ajani notices a depiction of himself scribbled on Jazal's wall. As the pride sleeps that night, a dark figure begs for forgiveness before throwing something in the campfire. Immediately after, horrors, nightmares and fiends attack the pride. Ajani calls on his magic to protect his pridemates, but notices too late that Jazal is in trouble. When he arrives at his brother's side, Jazal is dead. The shock and anger at his death ignites Ajani's planeswalker's spark and he shifts away from Naya.

Part 3[]

Jund. Ajani discovers he is on another plane and immediately comes under attack of the dragon Karrthus. He is saved by Sarkhan Vol, who explains they are both planeswalkers. Vol has visited Jund to find truths. He has long sought a world this vital, unspoiled by civilization's deceit. Ajani is not as impressed by Jund and wishes to go home to avenge his brother's death. After Vol explains he has to will it himself, they part ways.

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