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Fonn Zunich
Race Half-Silhana Elf
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Born 9943 Z.C.[1]
Ravnica, Dissension

Fonn Zunich was the half-elf daughter of wojek officer Myczil Zunich and a Silhana priestess on Ravnica. After her father's death, she joined the Selesnya Conclave. [1]


Fonn became a ledev guardian in the ranks of the Selesnya, and her mount was a wolf named Biracazir. Prior to the Decamillennial, she spent some time as the personal guard of Saint Bayul. Thanks to his unique connection to the Conclave, Bayul was a target of an assassination planned by the Devkarin matka priestess Savra. Fonn was saved by the bounty hunter Jarad, Savra's erstwhile brother. After fighting and finding their way out from the Undercity, she managed to get to the badly wounded and hibernating Bayul into the mortuary of Tenth Leaguehall with the help of Agrus Kos. Bayul woke just long enough to give his instructions to Fonn, along with the communication gem that bound him to the lifesong. Nevertheless, she was almost instantly abducted by a group of Savra-controlled quietmen. When Fonn refused to give up the gem, the matka ripped her whole hand off. It then became obvious that Savra was not acting alone, and unable to lift a hand to help, Szadek executed his plan to bring Mat'Selesnya low, and along with it, the spell that powered the Guildpact. In the end, Szadek was defeated thanks to Jarad and Mat'Selesnya was reinvigorated thanks to Biracazir's lifeforce.

Fonn had a long-lasting problem with Agrus Kos — the wojek was her father's partner, and one of the only two who knew the truth about her father's death (the second being Jarad). She learned that truth from Kos after the Decamillennial disaster, Kos finally feeling she was ready to hear the story after they had worked so closely together. She gained a cytoplast hand in the place of the one torn off by Savra.

The relationship she gained with Kos was not the only one to have come from the events of the Decamillenia though, as a romance kindled between Jarad and the half-elf. The pair married, and stayed together for some time, even having a son, Myczil Savod Zunich.[2] Unfortunately, the pair split because of their obligations to their guilds, Jarad as the guildmaster of the Golgari Swarm and Fonn as a member of the newly established Order of Mat'Selesnya (with the rank of centuriad) and an Auxiliary Patrol Officer (apo) in the League of Wojek. The problems their marriage faced were just exacerbated by their disagreements on how to raise their son.

As part of her duties to the Conclave, Fonn was charged with training new ledevs, including her son, but during one of these training exercises, the group was waylaid by the Cult of Rakdos. Due to the blood of guildmaster (Jarad) coursing in his veins, Myc Zunich became a target by Izolda to awake Rakdos. Jarad and Fonn manage to disrupt the ritual, accidentally binding Myc's mind with the demon's. Fonn and her scouts pursued Rakdos, whereas Jarad stayed back, trying to shatter the bond. In the end, Jarad sacrificed his life to free Myc. Fonn and her scouts rescue young Myc and with the help of powerful explosives, they destroy one of the last remaining nephilim.

In the end, Fonn learned that Jarad accomplished the almost impossible - reviving his own corpse with his spirit. Myc decided to leave his mother, and to learn the ways of the Golgari. Regretfully, she let him go, knowing that he needed to find his own place in the world and trusting that his father would care for him.