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Fort Keff
Plane Zendikar
Part of Akoum

Fort Keff is a settlement near the Eye of Ugin on the continent of Akoum on Zendikar.

Battle of Fort Keff[]

A primal scream tore the sleep from the inhabitants of the fort, including planeswalker Gideon Jura. Fort Keff was the nearest settlement after Gideon's fruitless search for Chandra Nalaar and he had hoped to get some well needed rest there. The scream had come from a surrakar who had wandered too close to the fort, with whom the adventurers were dealing with harshly. The beast warned Gideon and the assembled soldiers of its gods who came from beyond the world, from the void with no color, who would devour all the life in their path.

All the next day, refugees poured in with tales of demon-insects. The tales were but the heralds of the terror to come, as the brood swarmed the fort later that day. Gideon fought bravely amongst the soldiers of Fort Keff and he alone turned the tide against the brood. (This fight is perhaps the one referenced by Near-Death Experience) A cry of celebration went up, until Emrakul darkened the skies. Gideon told all the inhabitants of the fort to follow the surrakar to the underground rivers and flee.

Left alone, Gideon desperately thought of a way to fight the creature before him. With hope in his heart, Gideon set out for Ravnica to petition the help of a group of planeswalkers he had heard rumors about, presumably the Infinite Consortium.


Fort Keff was mostly likely "annihilated" by Emrakul shortly after it appeared on the horizon and ended the battle its brood had started.

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