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Keyword Ability
Type Activated
Introduced Mystery Booster
Last Used Mystery Booster
Reminder Text Four-faced (Whenever this becomes tapped, move it to the next stage, or to stage 1 if it’s at stage 4.)
1 card
{U} 100%
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Four-faced is a keyword ability featured on a test card in the Mystery Booster set.[1] A four-sided creature has four stages with different characteristics, and advances through stages whenever it is tapped. It is inspired by Double-faced cards, but has elements of the Level up mechanic and Sagas in the way it moves through multiple stages.

It is unclear from the test card how a four-faced creature would be configured on an actual card. The test card uses a layout very similar to the Level up mechanic, which ironically had been met with mixed reactions due to the layout.[2][3] A few months before Mystery Booster was released, Mark Rosewater speculated that something similar to "triple-faced cards" found in the Duel Masters trading card game would eventually be done in Magic, but not soon.[4]



Loopy Lobster {2}{U}
Creature — Lobster
Four-faced (Whenever this becomes tapped, move it to the next stage, or to stage 1 if it’s at stage 4.)
Stage 1 — (1/4)
Stage 2 — (4/1) Evolve
Stage 3 — (2/4) {U}: Loopy Lobster gets +1/-1 until end of turn.
Stage 4 — (4/4) Vigilance. {T}: Draw two cards.


  • A permanent with four-faced starts at stage 1.
  • If Loopy Lobster somehow enters the battlefield tapped, it will still be at stage 1.
  • If an object becomes a copy of a permanent with four-faced, that object remains at the stage it was. If it wasn't at a stage, it's at stage 1.
  • A creature card with four-faced that isn't on the battlefield is a 0/0 creature.
  • Activating Loopy Lobster's stage 3 ability creates an effect that lasts even if it moves to stage 4 during that turn.


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