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Friends forever
Keyword Ability
Type Static
Introduced Stranger Things
Last Used Stranger Things
Reminder Text Friends forever (You can have two commanders if both have friends forever.)
7 cards
{W/U} 14.3% {R/G} 14.3% {G/W} 14.3% {W/B} 14.3% {U/R} 14.3% {R/W} 14.3% {M} 14.3%
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oracle:"Friends forever"

Friends forever is a keyword ability specifically used in the Commander format. Friends forever was introduced in Secret Lair Drop Series: Stranger Things and is a renamed Partner.[1]


Friend Forever! is a slogan often used in the Stranger Things science fiction horror Netflix series that the cards with this keyword are modelled on.

These cards pair with just those with the same mechanic, and will not be folded into the larger “partner” pool when they are rebranded to Magic IP cards.[2]

A player can have two commanders if both have friends forver. Because both commanders start the game in the command zone, the remaining library is only 98 cards. Your two commanders are treated individually for all other Commander rules. If either leaves the battlefield, you can return it to the command zone instead. The "commander tax", the additional cost of 2 for every time you've cast a commander from the command zone, applies individually. Combat damage dealt by each commander is similarly tracked individually. If either commander can deal 21 or more combat damage to a single player over the course of the game, that player loses.

If any card refers to your commander (or commanders in general), it means either one of the two.

Partner and Friends forever are not compatible.