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(Subtype for creature/kindred cards)
56 cards
{U} 12.5% {B} 16.1% {G} 28.6% {U/B} 1.8% {G/W} 1.8% {B/G} 10.7% {G/U} 16.1% {M} 5.4% {artifact symbol} 7.1%
5 Frog creation cards
{U} 40% {B} 20% {G/U} 40%
as of Bloomburrow
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Frog is a creature type used for cards that depict tailless, stout-bodied amphibians.

Description[ | ]

The creature type includes both the smooth, moist-skinned frog species that live in a damp or semi-aquatic habitat and the warty, drier-skinned toad species that are mostly terrestrial as adults. They appear in blue, black and green. The first creature to bear the type was Whiptongue Frog in Exodus, though Chub Toad from Ice Age was issued errata to become a frog as well.

In the Grand Creature Type Update the subtype Toad (Morgue Toad) was incorporated into the Frog class. Bloomburrow was the first set to feature Frog-typal.[1]

Storyline[ | ]

Arcavios[ | ]

Burrogs are frog-folk living on the west coast of Orrithia on Arcavios.[2]

Bloomburrow[ | ]

Frogs are one of the animalfolk of Bloomburrow, known for their prowess over water magic. The frogfolk are curious and intelligent.[3] They possess a unique culture of augury, which allows them a limited understanding of the future. While their foresight makes them an instrumental part of life in Valley, it also results in many frogs being fatalistic. Some frogfolk, acting upon their foresight, bring doom upon themselves.

At their best frogfolk are thoughtful and knowledgeable. At their worst frogfolk are fatalistic and disinclined to collaborate with others.[4]

Glarb was the king of Fountainport and a powerful wizard. He hired the weaselfolk Cruelclaw to steal a Calamity Beast's egg, in hopes of raising it as the protector of Valley.[5] One of Glarb's apprentices, Helga, assisted Mabel in her quest to stop him.[6]

Dominaria[ | ]

Anurids are water-dwelling Frog Beasts, native to Otaria. A famous one was Turg.

Yargle, Glutton of Urborg was "born" when a frog ate a transformed ambitious follower of Belzenlok, whose spirit corrupted it into a hulking monstrosity (that was still a frog).

Innistrad[ | ]

The Gitrog monster is an enormous frog that lived in a lake in the highlands of Nephalia on innistrad. It is now in Thunder Junction.

Grolnok is another massive frog in Nephalia that is worshipped as a deity.

Ixalan[ | ]

Frogs are more commonly heard than seen in Ixalan, joining their voices to the vivid soundscape of the jungle. They range from tiny poisonous tree frogs found in the branches of tall trees to huge horned frogs that lurk in marshy areas.[7]

Mirrodin[ | ]

The Frogmite is one of the few natural enemies of the blinkmoth on Mirrodin.

Ravnica[ | ]

Frogs are a favorite experimental resource for the Simic Combine. The Crocanura is a mutant Crocodile Frog; the Species Gorger is another Frog Beast. Creatures like the Omnibian instead transform their surroundings into frogs. The Trollbred Guardian demonstrates biological fusion into partially-sapient beings.

Notable Frogs[ | ]

Tokens[ | ]

Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Frog Lizard Green Creature — Frog Lizard 3/3
Keimi Black/​Green Legendary Creature — Frog 3/3 Whenever you cast an enchantment spell, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life
Splash Lasher Blue Creature — Frog Wizard 1/1 When this creature enters, tap up to one target creature and put a stun counter on it. (If a permanent with a stun counter on it would become untapped, remove one from it instead.)
(This token's mana cost is {3}{U}.)

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