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The From the Vault series for Magic: the Gathering was released on an annual basis from 2008 to 2017, usually in late August. It was aimed at collectors.

Description[ | ]

Each box set contained 15 tournament-legal, black-bordered, holographic foil cards with a common theme, aside from From the Vault: Twenty, which contained twenty cards. Some of these cards featured new alternate art.

While the MSRP for these sets was US$39.95, these sets frequently demanded a higher price due to low availability and high demand.

The series was created by Senior Brand Director Mark Purvis.[1] It was discontinued in 2018, being replaced by the Signature Spellbook-series.[2][3]

List of From the Vault sets[ | ]

Name Code Theme Release date Logo
From the Vault: Dragons DRB Dragons August 29, 2008 DRB logo
From the Vault: Exiled V09 Banned cards August 28, 2009 V09 logo
From the Vault: Relics V10 Artifacts August 27, 2010 V10 logo
From the Vault: Legends V11 Legendary creatures August 26, 2011 V11 logo
From the Vault: Realms V12 Lands August 31, 2012 V12 logo
From the Vault: Twenty V13 Cards from the past 20 years of winning decks August 23, 2013 V13logo
From the Vault: Annihilation V14 Board sweepers August 22, 2014 ANHlogo
From the Vault: Angels V15 Angels August 21, 2015 V15 logo
From the Vault: Lore V16 Cards renowned for their stories August 19, 2016 V16 logo
From the Vault: Transform V17 Double-faced cards with the transform or meld mechanic November 24, 2017 V17 logo

April Fool's Joke[ | ]

Wizards 'announced' a fake From the Vault set on April 1, 2009 as part of April Fool's Day: From the Vault: Vaults.

Foiling process[ | ]

From the Vault sets were printed using a special foiling process that was unique to the series. They were printed on a foil stock that is twice as reflective, and treated with a varnish.[4] This resulted in a shinier and stiffer card that had an almost holographic look to them. They feel much slicker to the touch and weigh a notable amount more than a regular foil. From the Vault cards are also exceedingly hard to write on (e.g. an autograph). However, these cards were also notable for having many production issues, like one-pixel vertical lines going down the cardface. They were also more prone to curling, regardless of moisture (but moisture makes it worse).

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