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Fuel for the Fire
Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period November 5 - 19, 2008
URL Fuel for the Fire
Creative team
Writer(s) Doug Beyer
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Christopher Moeller, Andrew Robinson, Lucio Parrillo
Letterer(s) Brian Dumas
Preceded By
Chandra's Ultimate
Followed By
The Veil's Curse

Fuel for the Fire is a webcomic about Chandra and Jace. Its first several pages include the entirety of Chandra's Ultimate. It was later published on paper in Path of the Planeswalker.

Part 1[]

Kephalai. The citywatch of Aretopolis chases the planeswalker Chandra Nalaar after she has stolen the Dragon Scroll from the Sanctum of Stars. Two of their gargoyles throw Chandra of a bridge, but she escapes using her ultimate. A security officer investigates the proceedings of the watch, and concludes that the miscreant must be still alive.

Part 2[]

Kephalai. The Prelate has hired a young mind mage through the Infinite Consortium. She orders him to seek the Dragon Scroll but to wipe its dangerous contents from his mind. She doesn't suspect that Jace is planeswalker. He quickly discovers that the miscreant is planeswalker as well, and follows her aether trail to Keral Keep on Regatha. Jace and Chandra's first meeting ensues in a magic duel, where Jace gains the upper hand by holding Brannon, a local kid, as a shield against Chandra's fire.

Part 3[]

Regatha. Chandra hands the Dragon Scroll over to Jace, but when the real Brannon shows up she discovers that the hostage situation has been an illusion. They fight again. In the end Jace is victorious and leaves with the scroll. But not before wiping Brannon's and Chandra's minds of all knowledge their fight and the Scroll's contents. Chandra is not fazed, however, because the monks of Keral Keep have made copies of the Scroll.

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