Fun wiith FungusImage

Fun with Fungus is Black/Green theme Deck from Time Spiral. It contains 60 cards, a random Time Spiral ProTour Player Card, a Strategy Insert, and is ready to play.

The back of the box Reads:

Thallids are sentient, mobile fungus creatures that share a symbiotic relationship with saprolings. Tallids do exactly the same two things: spread and consume. Aided by Thelon of Havenwood, they're doing both quite well. In the wake of an apocalypse, what would thrive better than mild?


3Deathspore ThallidCMana 1Mana B
2ThallidSMana G
2Pendelhaven ElderUMana 1Mana G
3Thallid Shell-DwellerCMana 1Mana G
1Thelon of HavenwoodRMana GMana G
3Thallid GerminatorCMana 2Mana G
1Wormwood DryadCMana 2Mana G
2Herd GnarrCMana 3Mana G
2Sporesower ThallidUMana 2Mana GMana G
2Savage ThallidCMana 3Mana GMana G
1FeeblenessCMana 1Mana B
1AssassinateCMana 2Mana B
2Fallen IdealUMana 2Mana B
2Sudden DeathUMana 1Mana BMana B
1Dread ReturnUMana 2Mana BMana B
1Might of Old KrosaUMana G
2SproutCMana G
2Strength in NumbersCMana 1Mana G
1Krosan GripUMana 2Mana G
1Verdant EmbraceRMana 3Mana GMana G
1Claws of GixSMana 0