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Functional reprint cards serve the exact same function as the card they resemble except for the name, of course.

Unlike strict reprints, a functional reprint only needs identical mana cost, power/toughness and rules text.[1][2] Subtypes may differ as long as it's not mechanically relevant to the card.[3] Cards which are functional identical except for mana cost are called colorshifted.

This usually has little effect on the game, hence their consideration as a kind of reprint. Functional reprints do not often emulate powerful cards, as they effectively allow some constructed formats access to more than four copies of the same card. Many functional reprints are either of vanilla creatures (creatures with no abilities), or occurred in the Portal sets. Functional reprints are often used to give a new block- or set-themed flavor to a card that plays an important role in defining a particular color.[4]

Original Card Name Functional Reprint(s) Notes
Accorder's Shield Cathar's Shield
Akoum Refuge Bloodfell Caves
Alabaster Wall Benevolent Ancestor
Alaborn Grenadier Veteran Cavalier
Steadfast Guard
Alaborn Zealot Loyal Sentry
Anaconda Wild Ox
Zodiac Ox
Angel of Light Ghostly Sentinel

Arenson's Aura Teferi's Care
Armageddon Ravages of War
Armored Cancrix Ancient Carp
Armored Galleon Red Cliffs Armada
Armored Griffin Alabaster Kirin
Avacynian Priest Sigardian Priest
Axegrinder Giant Flameborn Viron
Azimaet Drake Drake Hatchling
Banishing Knack Retraction Helix
Benalish Hero Kjeldoran Warrior
Bird Maiden Goblin Sky Raider
Blade of the Sixth Pride Oreskos Swiftclaw
Dromoka Warrior
Cliffhaven Sell-Sword
Devilthorn Fox
Knight of New Benalia
Prowling Caracal
Raptor Companion
Savai Sabertooth
Blind Phantasm Jwari Scuttler Blind Phantasm, a time-shifted "pre-print" (futureshifted) card from Future Sight, saw its reprint in Jwari Scuttler, albeit with changes to its name and subtype.
Bog Imp Dakmor Bat
Misshapen Fiend
Bog Raiders Raiding Nightstalker
Zodiac Snake
Bog Rats Rampart Crawler
Bog Wraith Moor Fiend
Zodiac Pig
Border Patrol Guardian Lions
Bouncing Beebles Neurok Spy
Bull Hippo River Bear
Zodiac Horse
Capricious Sorcerer Apprentice Sorcerer
Wu Longbowman
Castle Builder's Blessing
Cat Warriors Leaf Dancer
Cephalid Looter Reckless Scholar
Charging Rhino Ironhoof Ox
Cinder Marsh Lantern-Lit Graveyard
Civic Wayfinder Borderland Ranger
Cloud Elemental Scrapskin Drake
Cloud Pirates Cloud Sprite
Cloud Spirit Rishadan Airship
Skywinder Drake
Cloudchaser Eagle Aven Cloudchaser
Coastal Tower Azorius Guildgate
Meandering River
The guildgate has the subtype 'Gate'.
Cobblebrute Hulking Devil
Terror of the Fairgrounds
Concordia Pegasus Territorial Roc
Coral Eel Coral Merfolk
Wu Infantry
Jhessian Lookout
Curio Vendor
Council of Advisors Merchant of Secrets
Counsel of the Soratami Divination
Cranial Extraction Memoricide Memoricide differs both in the removal of the 'Arcane' subtype and in that Cranial Extraction searches for all, whereas Memoricide searches for any copies of the card.
Craven Knight Spineless Thug
Creeping Mold Reclaiming Vines
Crimson Wisps Expedite Crimson Wisps also makes the creature red, but they're both usually functionally "R: Give target creature haste, Draw a card"
Dakmor Ghoul Highway Robber
Dark Offering Poison Arrow
Dawn's Reflection Market Festival
Deathcoil Wurm Wolf Pack
Defend the Hearth Commencement of Festivities
Defiant Elf Charging Badger
Deglamer Unravel the Aether
Devoted Hero Volunteer Militia
Sanctuary Cat
Douse in Gloom Last Kiss
Dragon Fodder Krenko's Command
Dreg Reaver Zombie Goliath
Drowned Metathran Zombie
Drudge Skeletons Walking Dead
Restless Dead
Unworthy Dead
Dungeon Shade Drifting Shade
Dwarven Warriors Dwarven Nomad
Ekundu Griffin Razorfoot Griffin
Elfhame Palace Selesnya Guildgate
Tranquil Expanse
The guildgate has the subtype 'Gate'.
Elvish Lyrist Druid Lyrist
False Peace Empty City Ruse
Femeref Scouts Border Guard
Feral Shadow Moaning Spirit
Dusk Imp
Kelinore Bat
Festering Goblin Shambling Goblin Shambling Goblin can only target creatures controlled by an opponent while Festering Goblin can target any creature.
Festival of Trokin Peach Garden Oath
Fire // Ice Twin Bolt
Chandra's Pyrohelix
Twin Bolt and Chandra's Pyrohelix are reprints of the "Fire" half of Fire // Ice.
Fleshbag Marauder Merciless Executioner
Flying Men Zephyr Sprite
Foot Soldiers Pillarfield Ox
Great Hart
Footbottom Feast Gravepurge
Fylamarid Metathran Transport
Fyndhorn Bow Iron Lance
Fyndhorn Elder Greenweaver Druid
Gaea's Might Might of Alara
Gerrard's Wisdom Presence of the Wise
Giant Cockroach Nether Horror
Giant Spider Giant Mantis
Towering Indrik
Giant Trap Door Spider Hunting Kavu
Giant Warthog Moss Kami
Earthshaking Si
Goblin Bully Goblin Piker
Independent Troops
Goblin Cavaliers Goblin Roughrider
Goblin Glider Kyren Glider
Goblin Spelunkers Zodiac Dog
Golden Bear Order of the Sacred Bell
Nettle Swine
Broodhunter Wurm
Golden Hind Leaf Gilder
Goldmeadow Harrier Gideon's Lawkeeper
Gravebane Zombie Undying Beast In a slight difference in functionality, Gravebane Zombie's effect replaces going to the graveyard, whereas the effect of Undying Beast simply occurs after the card goes to the graveyard.
Gray Ogre Raging Bull
Goblin Hero
Graypelt Refuge Blossoming Sands
Grizzly Bears Barbary Apes
Balduvian Bears
Bear Cub
Forest Bear
Cylian Elf
Runeclaw Bear
Heartwood Treefolk Zodiac Tiger
Hill Giant Tor Giant
Ogre Warrior
Barbarian Horde
Wild Jhovall
Canyon Minotaur
Lagac Lizard
Russet Wolves
Horned Turtle River Kaijin
Hulking Goblin Goblin Raider
Igneous Golem Henge Guardian
Ingenious Thief Talas Explorer
Iron Tusk Elephant Jhovall Rider
Ironroot Treefolk Nema Siltlurker
Ironshell Beetle Timberland Guide
Satyr Grovedancer
Jwar Isle Refuge Dismal Backwater
Kami of Ancient Law Ronom Unicorn
Keening Apparition
Felidar Cub
Kazandu Refuge Rugged Highlands
Kingfisher Aven Fisher Aven Fisher makes the effect optional.
Knight Errant Fresh Volunteers
Glory Seeker
Silvercoat Lion
Kodama's Reach Cultivate Cultivate removes the 'Arcane' subtype.
Lash of the Whip Throttle
Last Chance Warrior's Oath
Leaf Gilder Golden Hind
Leonin Scimitar Honed Khopesh
Short Sword
Ley Druid Juniper Order Druid
Lightning Blast Flame Lash
Llanowar Knight Valeron Outlander
Llanowar Elves Fyndhorn Elves
Elvish Mystic
This functional reprint allowed there to be Standard decks, at the time of Ice Age, that had 4 Fyndhorn Elves and 4 Llanowar Elves, to create a type of Stompy deck.
Lord of Atlantis Master of the Pearl Trident Lord of Atlantis affects all Merfolk while Master of the Pearl Trident only affects ones you control.
Lowland Giant Ogre Resister
Shatterskull Giant
Borderland Minotaur
Summit Prowler
Lynx Zodiac Monkey
Rushwood Dryad
Mageta's Boon Indomitable Will
March of the Returned Dutiful Return
Mass of Ghouls Renegade Demon
Master Decoy Benalish Trapper
Blinding Mage
Merfolk Looter Thought Courier
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Fugitive Wizard
Wandering Ones
Merfolk Traders Vodalian Merchant
Minotaur Warrior Riot Devils
Pensive Minotaur
Mistral Charger Stormfront Pegasus
Mogg Conscripts Goblin Cohort
Mons's Goblin Raiders Dwarven Trader
Mogg Hollows Pinecrest Ridge
Mountain Goat Goblin Mountaineer
Zodiac Goat
Dwarven Grunt
Muzzle Defang
Nature's Lore Three Visits Recent reprint of Three Visits makes both cards functionally identical with slight grammatical differences.
Nausea Shrivel
Neck Snap Divine Verdict
Nessian Courser Centaur Courser Nessian Courser, a time-shifted "pre-print" (futureshifted) card from Future Sight, saw its reprint in Centaur Courser, albeit with a name change. Centaur Courser's subtypes are the same as Nessian Courser's.
Norwood Ranger Trained Jackal
Woodland Druid
Oakenform Hardened-Scale Armor
Obsidian Giant Fomori Nomad
Bonebreaker Giant
Order of Leitbur Order of the White Shield
Order of the Ebon Hand Knight of Stromgald
Orcish Artillery Goblin Artillery
Pegasus Charger Voiceless Spirit
Pendrell Drake Keeneye Aven
Persuasion Mind Control
Phantom Warrior Talas Warrior
Phyrexian Ghoul Nantuko Husk
Vampire Aristocrat
Plague Beetle Zodiac Rat
Plated Wurm Blanchwood Treefolk
Meng Huo's Horde
Thornhide Wolves
Pongify Rapid Hybridization
Prodigal Sorcerer Zuran Spellcaster
Rootwater Hunter
Quirion Explorer Sylvok Explorer
Raging Cougar Wild Colos
Goblin Chariot
Raging Goblin Mountain Bandit
Raging Spirit Ancient Kavu
Raise Dead Disentomb
Return to Battle
Ravenous Rats Corrupt Court Official
Razorclaw Bear Slashing Tiger
Snorting Gahr
Rebuke Kill Shot
Redwood Treefolk Rotted Hystrix
Regal Unicorn Alaborn Trooper
Shu Foot Soldiers
Regal Unicorn, together with its functional reprints, are noteworthy because there was one for each of the three Portal sets. This also holds true for Seasoned Marshal and its functional reprints.
Regathan Firecat Gore Swine
Remove Champion's Victory
Remove Soul False Summoning
Preemptive Strike
Essence Scatter
Repel Griptide
Rock Badger Sokenzan Bruiser
Rootwater Depths Waterveil Cavern
Rowan Treefolk Southern Elephant
Rupture Spire Gateway Plaza
Transguild Promenade
Gateway Plaza has subtype 'Gate'.
Sabretooth Tiger Viashino Spearhunter
Sage Owl Spire Owl
Salt Marsh Dimir Guildgate
Submerged Boneyard
The guildgate has the subtype 'Gate'.
Samite Healer Femeref Healer
Clergy en-Vec
Savage Silhouette Trollhide
Savannah Lions Elite Vanguard
Expedition Envoy
Scathe Zombies Headless Horseman
Scavenger Folk Elvish Scrapper
School of the Unseen Henge of Ramos
Scoria Elemental Raging Poltergeist
Screeching Skaab Sultai Skullkeeper
Searing Spear Lightning Strike
Seasoned Marshal Alaborn Cavalier
Flanking Troops
Seasoned Marshal, together with its functional reprints, are noteworthy because there was one for each of the three Portal sets. This also holds true for Regal Unicorn and its functional reprints.
Seismic Stomp Magmatic Chasm
Sejiri Refuge Tranquil Cove
Sell-Sword Brute Smoldering Efreet
Sentinels of Glen Elendra Nephalia Seakite
Shanodin Dryads Willow Dryad
Zodiac Rabbit
Jukai Messenger
Shimmering Grotto Unknown Shores
Painted Bluffs
Painted Bluffs has the subtype 'Desert'.
Shivan Oasis Gruul Guildgate
Timber Gorge
The guildgate has the subtype 'Gate'.
Shivan Zombie Goblin Outlander
Siege Mastodon Thraben Purebloods
Great-Horn Krushok
Silk Net Snare the Skies
Silverback Ape Hollowhenge Beast
Sisay's Ring Ur-Golem's Eye
Skeletal Snake Dakmor Scorpion
Wei Infantry
Krovikan Scoundrel
Skyhunter Patrol Cloud Crusader
Skyhunter Prowler Griffin Sentinel
Snapping Drake Talas Airship
Moon Heron
Cloud Manta
Sorin's Thirst Pharika's Cure
Soul Warden Soul's Attendant Soul's Attendant made life gain optional.
Spined Wurm Feral Krushok
Spire Monitor Faerie Invaders
Spiritual Guardian Staunch Defenders
Stampeding Wildebeests Stampeding Serow
Stealer of Secrets Nine-Tail White Fox
Steam Frigate Wu Warship
Stern Marshal Alaborn Veteran
Storm Crow Talas Scout
Storm Shaman Molten Ravager
Stronghold Taskmaster Urborg Shambler
Suntail Hawk Lantern Kami
Aven Skirmisher
Kitesail Scout
Talas Merchant Straw Soldiers
Lumengrid Warden
Maritime Guard
Tar Pit Warrior Skulking Fugitive
Tel-Jilad Chosen Nacatl Savage
Temple Acolyte Arashin Cleric
Terminal Moraine Warped Landscape
Terramorphic Expanse Evolving Wilds
Thalakos Lowlands Cloudcrest Lake
Threaten Act of Treason Act of Treason's ability has a minuscule difference in that target creature's controller switches and then the creature untaps, rather than both being done simultaneously.
Thunder Strike Rise to the Challenge
Time Ebb Forced Retreat
Torch Fiend Reckless Reveler
Trained Armodon Gnarled Mass
Trokin High Guard Shu Elite Infantry
Tundra Wolves Serra Zealot
Warclamp Mastiff
Typhoid Rats Pharika's Chosen
Uktabi Orangutan Viridian Shaman
Umbilicus Blood Clock
Unyaro Bee Sting Bee Sting
Urborg Volcano Rakdos Guildgate
Cinder Barrens
The guildgate has the subtype 'Gate'.
Vampire Bats Pit Imp
Phyrexian Battleflies
Vec Townships Tranquil Garden
Venerable Monk Shu Grain Caravan
Vodalian Zombie Zombie Outlander
Wanderer's Twig Traveler's Amulet
War Elephant Noble Elephant
War Mammoth Wild Elephant
Argothian Swine
Warpath Ghoul Barony Vampire
Moriok Reaver
Wayward Soul Fencer Clique
Weatherseed Faeries Thermal Glider
Welkin Guide Battleflight Eagle
Welkin Tern Vaporkin
Wild Griffin Shadow Glider

Wirewood Elf Orochi Sustainer
Yavimaya Barbarian Nacatl Outlander
Yoked Ox Tasseled Dromedary
Zebra Unicorn Horned Cheetah
Zephyr Falcon Bay Falcon


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