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Fate Blaster[]

Fate Blaster is a theme deck from Future Sight.

“  The Fate Blaster deck is designed to let you get ahead of yourself. That’s because you’ll have your head in the future, molding fate to your whims.

This deck is packed with scry effects, from Mystic Speculation to Riddle of Lightning to Cryptic Annelid. Keep manipulating the top of your deck, and you’ll keep drawing the cards you need. Magus of the Future will ramp your magical meddling into overdrive, as you’ll be able to play cards right off the top of your deck, before you even get to draw them! If your scry cards don’t help you find the Magus fast enough, Vedalken Aethermage’s wizardcycling ability will pull it right into your hand.

But why stop there? Fool around with your opponent’s fate, too, by using Spin into Myth’s fateseal ability or by attacking with Barbed Shocker. The Shocker’s ability is especially nasty if you’ve just used Venser’s Diffusion or Aven Augur to sweep away your opponent’s best creatures. Keep your opponent off-balance long enough, and your extra cards and idealized draws will ensure that the future holds your victory![1]


The 2 rares in this deck are Magus of the Future and Shapeshifter's Marrow.

The timeshifted cards in this deck (from Time Spiral) are Dandân and Uthden Troll.

Future Shock[]

Future Shock is a theme deck from Future Sight.

“  Worried that in the future, peace will be declared across the multiverse? Have no fear! As the Future Shock deck proves, tomorrow’s Magic games will be filled with as many fierce beasts, warriors, and brutes slavering for a fight as you could hope for—and you get a sneak peek! That’s because this deck contains nothing but basic lands and Future Sight “timeshifted” cards.

The strategy is simple: Play impressive creatures and attack. The key is to get a jump on your opponent by bringing the beatdown before it can be handled. Edge of Autumn and Grinning Ignus both give you a mana boost so you can play your bigger creatures faster. Even better, Centaur Omenreader reduces the cost you pay for your creatures as long as it’s tapped—and attacking with it is a great way to tap it!

If your opponent tries to put up a fight, Ghostfire can clear out potential blockers, as can a Bloodshot Trainee enchanted with Flowstone Embrace. More impressively, Boldwyr Intimidator lets you bypass any blockers altogether. The future will be ferocious! [2]


The 2 rares in this deck are Baru, Fist of Krosa and Quagnoth.

There are no timeshifted cards (from Time Spiral) in this deck.

Rebels Unite[]

Rebels Unite is a theme deck from Future Sight.

“  Explore your rebellious side! With the Rebels Unite deck, you’ll take command of a ragtag group of scrappy fighters that are always willing to rally to the cause. Their ambush tactics will help you win the day.

Rebels like Amrou Scout let you search your deck for a Rebel card and put it directly into play. Ramosian Revivalist does the same, but for a Rebel in your graveyard. Whenever you have the choice, recruit a Rebel this way rather than playing one from your hand—it’s like drawing and playing an extra card! Do that enough times over the course of the game and your opponent won’t be able to keep up. Plus, you get to choose the Rebel that would help you the most. Don’t forget that Bound in Silence is a Rebel Aura!

Your deadliest ally is Magus of the Abyss. Each player will have to choose one of his or her own creatures for the Magus to destroy each turn—but thanks to your Rebels, you’ll have an endless creature supply. Your opponent won’t be so lucky. [3]


The 2 rares in this deck are Angel of Salvation and Magus of the Abyss.

The timeshifted card in this deck (from Time Spiral) is Defiant Vanguard.

Suspended Sentence[]

Suspended Sentence is a theme deck from Future Sight.

“  Ever wished you could control time? While playing the Suspended Sentence deck, you’ll use suspend, vanishing, and cards that manipulate time counters to knock the time stream on its ear!

The most important card in the deck is Paradox Haze. Giving yourself two upkeeps a turn means you’ll pull time counters off your suspended cards twice as fast. This is especially good for your Reality Strobe and Festering March, which re-suspend themselves each time you play them.

The other crucial card is Reality Acid. It’s fine if you wait three turns, remove the last time counter, and get rid of the enchanted permanent. But it’s amazing if you use your many bounce effects, including Reality Strobe, Dream Stalker, and Riftwing Cloudskate, to return Reality Acid to your hand. The enchanted permanent will be sacrificed, and you get to enchant a new permanent.

Once you’ve taken control of the game by removing all your opponent’s threats, your powerful evasion creatures, including Nihilith and Infiltrator il-Kor, will make sure you have no trouble putting the game away! [4]

Suspended Sentence

The 2 rares in this deck are Nihilith and Shimian Specter.

There are no timeshifted cards (from Time Spiral) in this deck.

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