Aura Swap





Assemble & Contraption - An ability and related new type that are hinted at on Steamflogger Boss, but do not actually appear on any of the set's cards. This card along with its abilities was printed as a joke and parody.

Fortification & Fortify



Mirage block:


Tempest block:



Urza's Saga block:

Echo - now with cards that have different echo costs instead that of the original casting cost; While Planar Chaos has started this, the echo costs of cards now can include off-colored mana costs or non-mana costs.

Cycling - now with cards whose cycling cost is not mana cost

Invasion block:




Onslaught block:

Morph - some cards may now have off-color morph costs, as well as non-creature cards with Morph.


Fifth Dawn:

Scry - cards may have different Scry numbers, as well as cards which allow a player to Scry before an ability occurs.

Ravnica block:








Time Spiral block:

Suspend - now with cards that can re-suspend themselves

Split Second - now with sorceries and enchantments that have split second




No. Name Type P T Rarity
001Angel of SalvationCreature55Future Sight Rare
002Augur il-VecCreature13Future Sight Common
003Barren GloryEnchantment Future Sight Rare
004Chronomantic EscapeSorcery Future Sight Uncommon
005Dust of MomentsInstant Future Sight Uncommon
006Even the OddsInstant Future Sight Uncommon
007Gift of GraniteEnchantment Future Sight Common
008Intervention PactInstant Future Sight Rare
009Judge UnworthyInstant Future Sight Common
010Knight of SursiCreature22Future Sight Common
011Lost AuramancersCreature33Future Sight Uncommon
012Magus of the MoatCreature03Future Sight Rare
013Marshaling CrySorcery Future Sight Common
014SaltskitterCreature34Future Sight Common
015Samite Censer-BearerCreature11Future Sight Common
016Scout's WarningInstant Future Sight Rare
017Spirit en-DalCreature21Future Sight Uncommon
018Aven MindcensorCreature21Future Sight Uncommon
019Blade of the Sixth PrideCreature31Future Sight Common
020Bound in SilenceTribal Enchantment Future Sight Uncommon
021Daybreak CoronetEnchantment Future Sight Rare
022Goldmeadow LookoutCreature22Future Sight Uncommon
023Imperial MaskEnchantment Future Sight Rare
024Lucent LiminidEnchantment Creature33Future Sight Common
025Lumithread FieldEnchantment Future Sight Common
026Lymph SliverCreature33Future Sight Common
027Mistmeadow SkulkCreature11Future Sight Uncommon
028Oriss, Samite GaurdianLegendary Creature13Future Sight Rare
029Patrician's ScornInstant Future Sight Common
030Ramosian RevivalistCreature22Future Sight Uncommon
031Seht's TigerCreature33Future Sight Rare
032Aven AugurCreature22Future Sight Common
033CloudseederCreature11Future Sight Uncommon
034Cryptic AnnelidCreature14Future Sight Uncommon
035DelayInstant Future Sight Uncommon
036ForeseeSorcery Future Sight Common
037Infiltrator il-KorCreature31Future Sight Common
038Leaden FistsEnchantment Future Sight Common
039Maelstrom DjinnCreature56Future Sight Rare
040Magus of the FutureCreature23Future Sight Rare
041Mystic SpeculationSorcery Future Sight Uncommon
042Pact of NegationInstant Future Sight Rare
043Reality StrobeSorcery Future Sight Uncommon
044Take PossessionEnchantment Future Sight Rare
045Unblinking BlebCreature13Future Sight Common
046Venser, Shaper SavantLegendary Creature22Future Sight Rare
047Venser's DiffusionInstant Future Sight Common
048Arcanum WingsEnchantment Future Sight Uncommon
049Blind PhantasmCreature23Future Sight Common
050Bonded FetchCreature02Future Sight Uncommon
051Linessa, Zephyr MageLegendary Creature33Future Sight Rare
052Logic KnotInstant Future Sight Common
053Mesmeric SliverCreature22Future Sight Common
054NarcomoebaCreature11Future Sight Uncommon
055NixInstant Future Sight Rare
056Sarcomite MyrArtifact Creature21Future Sight Common
057Second WindEnchantment Future Sight Uncommon
058Shapeshifter's MarrowEnchantment Future Sight Rare
059Spellweaver VoluteEnchantment Future Sight Rare
060Spin into MythInstant Future Sight Uncommon
061Vedalken AethermageCreature12Future Sight Common
062Whip-Spine DrakeCreature33Future Sight Common
063Augur of SkullsCreature11Future Sight Common
064Cutthroat il-DalCreature41Future Sight Common
065Festering MarchSorcery Future Sight Uncommon
066Gibbering DescentEnchantment Future Sight Rare
067Grave PerilEnchantment Future Sight Common
068Ichor SlickSorcery Future Sight Common
069Lost HoursSorcery Future Sight Common
070Magus of the AbyssCreature43Future Sight Rare
071Minions' MurmursSorcery Future Sight Uncommon
072NihilithCreature44Future Sight Rare
073Oblivion CrownEnchantment Future Sight Common
074Pooling VenomEnchantment Future Sight Uncommon
075Putrid CyclopsCreature33Future Sight Common
076Shimian SpecterCreature22Future Sight Rare
077Skirk Ridge ExhumerCreature11Future Sight Uncommon
078Slaughter PactInstant Future Sight Rare
079Stronghold RatsCreature21Future Sight Uncommon
080Bitter OrdealSorcery Future Sight Rare
081Bridge from BelowEnchantment Future Sight Rare
082Death RattleInstant Future Sight Common
083Deepcavern ImpCreature22Future Sight Common
084FleshwritherCreature33Future Sight Uncommon
085Frenzy SliverCreature11Future Sight Common
086Grave ScrabblerCreature22Future Sight Common
087Korlash, Heir to BlackbladeLegendary Creature**Future Sight Rare
088Mass of GhoulsCreature53Future Sight Common
089Snake Cult InitiationEnchantment Future Sight Uncommon
090Street WraithCreature34Future Sight Uncommon
091TombstalkerCreature55Future Sight Rare
092Witch's MistEnchantment Future Sight Uncommon
093Yixlid JailerCreature21Future Sight Uncommon
094Arc BladeSorcery Future Sight Uncommon
095Bogardan LancerCreature11Future Sight Common
096Char-RumblerCreature-13Future Sight Uncommon
097Emberwilde AugurCreature21Future Sight Common
098Fatal AttractionEnchantment Future Sight Common
099Gathan RaidersCreature33Future Sight Common
100Haze of RageSorcery Future Sight Uncommon
101Magus of the MoonCreature22Future Sight Rare
102Molten DisasterSorcery Future Sight Rare
103Pact of the TitanInstant Future Sight Rare
104Pyromancer's SwathEnchantment Future Sight Rare
105Riddle of LightningInstant Future Sight Common
106Rift ElementalCreature11Future Sight Common
107Scourge of Kher RidgesCreature66Future Sight Rare
108Shivan Sand-MageCreature32Future Sight Uncommon
109SparkspitterCreature13Future Sight Uncommon
110Bloodshot TraineeCreature23Future Sight Uncommon
111Boldwyr IntimidatorCreature55Future Sight Uncommon
112Emblem of the WarmindEnchantment Future Sight Uncommon
113Flowstone EmbraceEnchantment Future Sight Common
114Fomori NomadCreature44Future Sight Common
115GhostfireInstant Future Sight Common
116Grinning IgnusCreature22Future Sight Common
117Henchfiend of UkorCreature32Future Sight Common
118Homing SliverCreature22Future Sight Common
119Shah of Naar IsleCreature66Future Sight Rare
120Skizzik SurgerCreature64Future Sight Uncommon
121Steamflogger BossCreature33Future Sight Rare
122Storm EntityCreature11Future Sight Uncommon
123Tarox BladewingLegendary Creature43Future Sight Rare
124Thunderblade ChargeSorcery Future Sight Rare
125Cyclical EvolutionSorcery Future Sight Uncommon
126Force of SavageryCreature80Future Sight Rare
127Heartwood StorytellerCreature23Future Sight Rare
128Kavu PrimarchCreature33Future Sight Common
129Llanowar AugurCreature03Future Sight Common
130Llanowar EmpathCreature22Future Sight Common
131Llanowar MentorCreature11Future Sight Uncommon
132Magus of the VineyardCreature11Future Sight Rare
133Petrified PlatingEnchantment Future Sight Common
134Quiet DisrepairEnchantment Future Sight Common
135Ravaging RiftwurmCreature66Future Sight Uncommon
136RiftsweeperCreature22Future Sight Uncommon
137Rites of FlourishingEnchantment Future Sight Rare
138Sprout SwarmInstant Future Sight Common
139Summoner's PactInstant Future Sight Rare
140Utopia MyconCreature02Future Sight Uncommon
141Wrap in VigorInstant Future Sight Common
142Baru, Fist of KrosaLegendary Creature44Future Sight Rare
143Centaur OmenreaderSnow Creature33Future Sight Uncommon
144Edge of AutumnSorcery Future Sight Common
145ImperiosaurCreature55Future Sight Uncommon
146Muraganda PetroglyphsEnchantment Future Sight Rare
147Nacatl War-PrideCreature33Future Sight Uncommon
148Nessian CourserCreature33Future Sight Common
149Phosphorescent FeastSorcery Future Sight Uncommon
150QuagnothCreature45Future Sight Rare
151Spellwild OupheCreature13Future Sight Uncommon
152Sporoloth AncientCreature44Future Sight Common
153TarmogoyfCreature*1+*Future Sight Rare
154Thornweald ArcherCreature21Future Sight Common
155Virulent SliverCreature11Future Sight Common
156Glittering WishSorcery Future Sight Rare
157Jhoira of the GhituLegendary Creature22Future Sight Rare
158Sliver LegionLegendary Creature77Future Sight Rare
159Akroma's MemorialLegendary Artifact Future Sight Rare
160Cloud KeyArtifact Future Sight Rare
161Coalition RelicArtifact Future Sight Rare
162EpochrasiteArtifact Creature11Future Sight Rare
163SliversmithArtifact Creature11Future Sight Uncommon
164Soultether GolemArtifact Creature33Future Sight Uncommon
165Sword of the MeekArtifact Future Sight Uncommon
166Veilstone AmuletArtifact Future Sight Rare
167Darksteel GarrisonArtifact Future Sight Rare
168WhetwheelArtifact Future Sight Rare
169Dakmor SalvageLand Future Sight Uncommon
170Keldon MegalithsLand Future Sight Uncommon
171Llanowar RebornLand Future Sight Uncommon
172New BenaliaLand Future Sight Uncommon
173Tolaria WestLand Future Sight Uncommon
174Dryad ArborLand Creature11Future Sight Uncommon
175Graven CairnsLand Future Sight Rare
176Grove of the BurnwillowsLand Future Sight Rare
177Horizon CanopyLand Future Sight Rare
178Nimbus MazeLand Future Sight Rare
179River of TearsLand Future Sight Rare
180Zoetic CavernLand Future Sight Uncommon