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Fysmatan is a coastal city-state on the Sea of Serenity in south-western Jamuraa, on Dominaria.

Its exact location is unknown; however, since it was one of the few coastal cities not to have been menaced by Johan's war, could be inferred that it lies beyond the Great Wall. Even if it was left unmolested by Johan, Fysmatan was frequently at war with a rival city, Lucrezia, ruled by the synonymous Princess. In one of this wars, four centuries after the Ice Age, Adira Strongheart and her Robaran Mercenaries served under the Sha of Fysmatan, since he offered them a greater share of the bounty than Lucrezia. Adira managed to inflict a heavy blow against the Lucrezia marines, inciting a revolt against their slave, stealing their war fleet and selling the ships to the Sha of Fysmatan, in order to get money for the war against Johan.[1]

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