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Gaddock Teeg
Race Kithkin
Birthplace Kinsbaile, Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime Deceased

Gaddock Teeg was a cenn of the largest Lorwyn kithkin clachan, Kinsbaile. He was an eloquent speaker and politician, believing that almost any disagreement could be resolved by proper talking, offers, denials, and compromises. His right hand was Kinsbaile's heroine, archer Brigid Baeli.


Teeg found himself in the middle of much trouble when the time of the annual festival of sharing tales came. He was visited by the yew treefolk sage Colfenor, whose presence drew another people to Kinsbaile, namely Rhys, a Gilt-Leaf elf outlawed from his tribe when his magic went awry during a last-ditch effort in the middle of a lost battle. Rhys, a former pupil of Colfenor, was pursued by his former commander, taercenn Nath, who arrived at Kinsbaile soon, but not before Rhys left the clachan in order to perform a task given by Colfenor. Nath planned to abuse the fact that Rhys was hiding in Kinsbaile to subdue Kinsbaile's population and build a permanent elvish outpost there. Teeg, in an effort of winning Nath's favor and sparing Kinsbaile, ordered Brigid, who accompanied Rhys, to bring him back subdued, dead or alive. However, Colfenor caught the messenger moths and modified the message that Brigid targeted Ashling instead.

When Rhys returned, he was forced to fight with his former tribesmen. In the end, he emerged victorious, killing Nath and threatening the rest of the elves out from the clachan. Teeg apparently perished in the conflagration caused by Colfenor when the treefolk used Ashling's patron elemental to end his own life, though the details of the cenn's death are unknown.

After the Aurora, the position of the cenn of Kinsbaile, now called Kinscaer, was occupied by Donal Alloway.

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