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Race Merfolk
Birthplace Vodalia, Dominaria
Lifetime Unknown

Empress Galina III ("Her Serene Highness") was the ruler of the Vodalian merfolk empire in the Voda Sea near Sarpadia (Dominaria).


When the homarids invaded their territory, Marshall Karel Volnikov led the Vodalian army against them. The merfolk initially succeeded but were later overwhelmed by the homarids' capacity to breed and flourish in the cooling waters. Without medical supplies and no stored food source, Vodalia was abandoned, and many of its subjects followed Galina through a magic portal created by the mage Akoroun. They were to be transported to distant Etlan Shiis, the only colony likely to have escaped the Homarids. What they didn't expect was to arrive three thousand years in the future. After the initial shock, Galina's army defeated the local merfolk kingdom, and reformed the empire as New Vodalia.[1][2]

Galina still reigned during the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria. Her thousand-year reign ended when she was killed by Yawgmoth's death cloud.[3]

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