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Game Night Free-for-All
Game Night Free-for-All
Game Night 2022.png
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description Five edge circular saw
Design Melissa DeTora[1]
Release date October 14, 2022
Set size Five 60-card decks (136 cards)
Expansion code GN3[2]
Game Night series
Game Night 2019 Game Night Free-for-All N/A
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
N/A Game Night Free-for-All Pioneer Challenger Decks 2022

Game Night Free-for-All is an introductory box set designed for casual Magic: The Gathering multiplayer play. Like its predecessors, it can be played by 2 to 5 players. It will be released on October 14, 2022.[3][4]


Expansion symbol

Game box

Game Night Free-for-All contains five balanced 60-card preconstructed decks. Each deck features a well-known archetype and comes with an exclusive foil card. These five unique cards and any other reprinted cards not already in Standard are not Standard legal.

Additional content[]


Game night
deck name
Colors Included Iconic card
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Zamriel W Zamriel, Seraph of Steel
Maeve U Maeve, Insidious Singer
Vogar B Vogar, Necropolis Tyrant
Nogi R Nogi, Draco-Zealot
Imaryll G Imaryll, Elfhame Elite

Exclusive cards[]

The new cards are