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Advertisement "GM" is a Magic content website that is a subsidiary of, LLC, a company with four stores in Florida. GatheringMagic, formerly ManaNation, is the longest-running Magic: The Gathering content site on the Internet.

GatheringMagic formerly was a large community forum website that merged with ManaNation in 2011.

Altered Reality Challenge[]

GM conducts a contest where artists alter Magic cards through painting over, embellishing or cutting cards to make new creations based around a theme. Winners are then chosen from a judging pool and from a community vote.

Vorthos Wednesday[]

GM ushered in a day of columnists, including Ant Tessitore and Mike Linnemann, to coincide with the Savor the Flavor articles on They write about continuity, art, flavor and all things that Vorthos would appreciate. Some overlap exists with the original art collecting community and and GM viewership on Wednesdays.

Ant and Mike also have a bi-weekly podcast called "Snack Time with Mike and Ant", a reference to Matt Cavotta's article "Snack Time with Vorthos" where he first introduced the idea of a Vorthos psychographic. On the podcast, Mike and Ant discuss a large range of Vorthos-related topics.

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