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Race Human
Birthplace Raugrin, Ikoria
Lifetime Mending Era
Commander 2020

Gavi is a human shaman on the plane of Ikoria.[1]

Instead of living in one of the sanctuaries, Gavi lived in the monster-infested wilds of Raugrin. There, she was adopted as a surrogated mother by a litter of baby cat dinosaurs, displaying a connection to the creatures of Ikoria that even bonders envy: she demands the respect-and often fierce devotion-of even the most ferocious dinosaurs that roam Raugrin’s crags.

The mother cat dino had been killed by a hunter, and the eggs had just hatched when Gavi happened upon the nest.[2] Consequently, the brood imprinted upon her and followed her around everywhere she went. Gavi protects them from any threat or monster happening upon them. Now, Gavi spends her days in the wilds, passing on her knowledge to her adopted brood of monsters. Those who mistake her calm demeanor for weakness tend to realize their error as they are devoured by cat-dinosaurs. She is one of the few humans that had earned the respect of the planeswalker Vivien Reid.

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