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Gavon Deniz
Gavon Deniz.png
Race Human
Birthplace Dominaria
Magic: Legends

Gavon Deniz was the Benalish lord of Alric's Landing in Shiv. Deniz brought with himself to Shiv several troops of soldiers, claiming they would help the Ghitu people.[1]



Deniz made a deal with the goblin king Omek, trading him several crates of Benalish swords in exchange for a few hundred goblins. After the weapons shipments arrived, Omek decided to cut off the trade, claiming the weapons were "no good"-- they made the "lowest of the low" look greater than their king because they were too shiny. However, Omek rescinded the throne hastily before he could cut trade relations off with Deniz.[1]

The goblins acquired through the trade were pressed into military service[1] or imprisoned in the Mana Rig cave.[2] Those pressed into service unsuccessfully raided the Ghitu settlement of Old Onkoom.[1]


Deniz met the red-haired planeswalker, who helped him frame Darigaaz. Using an artifact she brought, he cornered Darigaaz in his lair and put him in an unconscious state.[2] Meanwhile, the red-haired planeswalker used an artifact to control the dragon Keltaz, causing him to attack some Benalish soldiers.[1] Later, Deniz killed several goblins who might have heard him discussing the conspiracy, including Squee, who didn't stay dead for long.[2]

Deniz had Darigaaz framed for the deaths of his soldiers and burst into a Shivan Council meeting ordering Darigaaz's immediate arrest on that charge.[1] Consequentially, Deniz found himself in the favor of Kyashatar and her brood.[2]

Mana Rig[]

With the path to the Mana Rig secured, Deniz captured the contraption and activated it so he could start producing powerstones. Squee led Darigaaz, Adeliz, and the Traveler in a campaign to reclaim the Mana Rig. The machine produced several Thran artifact creatures that overwhelmed his forces, and the Magic: Legends planeswalker dispatched him at the rig's helm.[3]


The lord of Alric's Landing was succeeded by his son Markolf Deniz.[3]


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