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DCI Sanctioned
Paper {Cross}
Magic Online {Cross}
Magic Arena {Cross}
Type Constructed
Multiplayer {Cross}

Gentry is a casual constructed Magic: The Gathering format. it is a budget version of the game that uses the same card pool as Standard but applies the following extra restrictions:

  1. A maximum of 15 uncommons in your combined main deck and sideboard.
  2. A maximum of 4 Rares and/or Mythic rares in your combined main deck and sideboard, and there can only be one of each.

The format was developed in Ghent, Belgium, in the community "The League of New and Beginning Magic: The Gathering Players" in an effort to give starting players a feel for constructed Magic without breaking the bank. As of March 1st, 2020, there are around 300 players actively engaged with the format spread over different communities in Belgium (Flanders), Sweden (Malmö), Turkey (Izmir), and Scotland (unknown location).

Articles and decklists are available on, announcements about the format can be followed on the facebook fan page.