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Gerrard's Quest
Gerrard's Quest 1.jpg
Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Publication period March - June, 1998
Number of issues 4
Character(s) Gerrard Capashen
Creative team
Writer(s) Mike Grell
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Followed By

Gerrard's Quest was a comic series published by Dark Horse Comics in March - June 1998. The series was written by one of the industry's top writers, Mike Grell, and featured artwork by acclaimed artists Pop Mahn and Mark Harrison. The series followed the Weatherlight Saga.

Volume 1: Initiation[]

Gerrard has been given a Legacy of tremendous power, but it has been scattered, and his captain, has been captured by the forces of Volrath, lord of the plane of Rath. Though Gerrard has no desire to seek out the Legacy and assume responsibility for its wise use, he now has the obligation to rescue his friend. But Gerrard and the crew of the flying ship Weatherlight have no idea of what dangers they'll face upon their arrival in Rath!

Volume 2: Legacy[]

High above the Plains of Rath, Gerrard and the crew of the flying ship Weatherlight are attacked by the awesome power of Volrath's battleship, the Predator. Volrath's forces, led by the fierce Greven il-Vec, board the Weatherlight in an attempt to steal Gerrard's mysterious legacy. Gerrard and Greven come face to face in gruesome combat as the crew of the Weatherlight fight for their lives!

Volume 3: Crucible[]

With the help of new allies, the Vec and the Skyshroud Elves, Gerrard and the Weatherlight crew begin the treacherous path towards Volrath's fortress. In order to save their captured shipmates from the torture chambers of Volrath and his minions, they must confront the unspeakable horrors of the Furnace and the Death Pits of Rath.

Volume 4: Destiny[]

The pace quickens as Gerrard and the crew of the Weatherlight combat the mysterious forces lurking within Volrath's Stronghold. But one final confrontation awaits. Will Gerrard survive Volrath's Dream Hall, where the evil Evincar's dreams come to life? Can he save the future of Dominaria from Volrath's sinister plan?