Geyadrone Dihada

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Geyadrone Dihada
Geyadrone Dihada.jpg
Race Demonic Planeswalker
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Pre-Mending
Dakkon Blackblade

Geyadrone Dihada was a powerful and ancient demonic planeswalker who first appeared on Dominaria between the fall of the Thran and the Brothers' War.[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

After absorbing Piru's energy Dihada temporarily loses control over her form and ends up looking like that.

When first seen she instructed Dakkon to forge the Black Blade for her in return for the power of a planeswalker. She returned after ten years and either triggered his planeswalker's spark or otherwise granted him power, but she then absorbed his shadow and his soul into the blade. Dakkon was left wandering the planes, wondering why Dihada would grant him so much power, only to make him her enemy.

Later she corrupted the nature spirit of Khone, Sol'Kanar, gave him the Black Blade, and set about conquering Corondor. Sol'Kanar created her Unholy Citadel from the remains of slain enemies, which crept across the land on giant legs of bone.

Demonic Planeswalker

Many years later, she tricked a boy named for the kingdom of Carth into summoning Dakkon and binding the planeswalker to himself. This effectively robbed Dakkon of his planeswalking ability and allowed Dihada to mark him as her champion. The boy had Dakkon attack her, but she summoned the Elder Dragons Piru and Rhuell to fight him. Dakkon killed Piru in a blast so powerful that it ripped the group apart and created the Dueling Chasm of Golthonor. This allowed Dihada to absorb the dragon's life-force and power. Dakkon then turned on her, but she managed to stall him just long enough to place her mark on him. Because of their intensity the battles between them would become known as the Blackblade–Dihada War, even though they lasted only a few days.

Afterwards, she left Dominaria and wasn't seen until the Planeswalkers' War on Corondor, many millennia later. It's unknown what happened during that war, but another participant was Jared Carthalion, a descendant of Carth, the boy who had summoned Dakkon. Geyadrone hasn't been seen since.

Planeswalkers met[edit | edit source]

Dihada and Dakkon

Planes visited[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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