Race Fungus
Birthplace Drakkus, plane unknown
Lifetime Unknown

Ghave, Guru of Spores, is the mycoid heroic shaman of the fungus and saproling in the war against the humans of Drakkus.

When the latter's land was devastated by the monsoons, who drowned their herds and destroyed their harvests, the humans were forced to the fungal forests to find sustenance. They found it in the form of the resident mycoids and their saproling offspring. If the humans saw their acts as necessary for survival, the mycoids saw them as genocide, declaring war against the invaders. During the initial stages of the war, humans tore easily through the enemy troops with fire and steel. Only with the arrival of Ghave did the tide turn. Thanks to his mystical influence over the sporeborn, Ghave sculpted the fungal matter of his people into an ever-mutating army and finally reclaimed his forest home.[1]

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