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Plane Kaladesh

Ghirapur, the City of Wonder, is the largest city on Kaladesh.


Ghirapur was founded in the aftermath of the War of Eleven as a neutral ground between feuding principalities.[1] While originally only the capital of a small stretch of coastland, its influence soon eclipsed its surrounding nations and it became the dominant power.


Ghirapur is a massive cogwork machine that comes alive with the power of aether. Enormous pipelines carry Aether to the whole city. Officially, every citizen of Ghirapur is said to have access to that substance. The city contains a multitude of varied and distinct neighborhoods. Ghirapur was founded on the spirit of invention, and today it is home to the Consulate government, which strives to uphold the founders' principles of optimism, creative freedom, and hope.


  • The Aether Spire or Consulate's Spire, the seat of the Consuls.
  • Akhara, a huge, round plaza ringed with tiered seats. The arena is used for public executions and was the site for Chandra's ignition and the grand finale of the Inventors' Fair.
  • Bomat is the port district. It is located at the confluence of Kaladesh's three major rivers.
    • The Suramal, one of those three rivers.
    • The Dhund, the hidden city prison and spy central. It runs all under the night markets.
    • The Night Markets, illicit marketplaces with shifting locations. If you know who to ask, you can find what you're looking for at any time of the day.
  • Builder's School
  • Freejam, a hub of aeronautical engineering and aviaries behind a dragon-shaped archway. It contains raised plazas, plentiful turrets, and rotating platforms, and many visitors make a game of seeing how much of the zone they can cross without ever setting foot on the ground. It also contains an exquisite street food, whose heat can only be matched by the roaring engines of passing skyships — or the fiery breath of the dragons rumored to nest in the highest towers of the zone.
    • The aviaries: a cluster of hangars perched on the rooftops of some of the tallest buildings in Ghirapur.
      • First Launch: a restaurant and club for aeronauts.
    • Janjeet Obervatory
    • League of Aeronauts. Many of the Consulate's most esteemed pilots got their start in this league, which is headquartered in Freejam. Some League's pilots, those with green and orange uniform, work in plotting maps and charts of the aethersphere.
    • Sculptor's Pinnacle
  • Weldfast is build around one of Ghirapur's aetherhubs. It is home to some of the most brilliant — and sometimes unpredictable — minds in the city, every facet of its metalworking is a handcrafted work of art, from bridge to spire to lamppost. The inventors of Weldfast sometimes like to show off with flashy displays that might include elemental effects such as sprays of water or crackling fire.
  • Eleven Bridges is a bustling market district. It is aptly named for the eleven bridges that crisscross the Dukhara canal, signifying the eleven original nobles who cooperated to found Ghirapur. The bridges now serve as the city's largest marketplace. Each bridge is host to rows of boutiques, shops, and specialty stores.
    • The Bastion of the Honorable. Headquarters of the Consulate enforcers.
    • The Aradara Station is Ghirapur's central train terminal, and has a statuary garden located inside the station's arboretum. The statuary garden contains the carved likenesses of some of the world's most famous inventors who have helped to transform Ghirapur into the City of Wonder.
  • Greenwheel is known for their cluster of garden domes. Liberated from the constraints of local weather patterns, these specialized climate-controlled bio-domes allow Consulate researchers to replicate and study biomes from around the world. These meticulously-crafted gardens have an amazingly lifelike animal constructs created by the Greenwheel Lifecrafters. Greenwheel is home to many of Ghirapur's resident elves.
    • The "Zoo". Located in a magnificent park in the heart of Greenwheel, this is a hundred-acre interactive menagerie, that is not stocked with natural animals, but with marvelous constructs designed to mimic the wonders of nature.
  • Shalia's Claim is a small greenway near the edge of Ghirapur that was once the home of a small elvish shepherd's family. As the city grew to encompass it, the family was given special consulate permission to maintain the greenway as a sheep farm.
    • Narnam House is a small innocuous greenhouse on the edge of the Claim. In its cellars grows a strange and deadly garden, and its owner sells these poisonous herbs to the highest bidder.
  • Kujar is a wealthy, cosmopolitan greenbelt. Every leaf, tree, and building in Kujar has been placed to achieve maximum harmony, in accordance with the elvish philosophy known as the Great Conduit. Home to many of the Consuls themselves.
  • The Giants' Walk is an artist colony.
  • Ovalchase Racetrack. Location for one of Ghirapur's timeless traditions: the land-based vehicle races during the Inventors' Fair. Known competing teams: Ground Grinders, Rumble Runners, the Burnouts and the Derby Crows.
    • The Hall of Mechanists
  • Embraal, an industrial zone. Here, inventor gangs defend their turf with ingenious devices and blunt objects.
  • The Consuls’ Foundry, an aether-powered factory that mass-produces automatons for the consuls. Once burned down by Chandra Nalaar.
  • The Gupha Penitentiary, a house of correction.
  • The Kohali Prison, another prison within the city.
  • The Cowl, the city's wildest greenbelt. A refuge for the Renegades.
  • The Aetherflux Reservoir, the main aether storage facility.
  • The Aether Hub, the main distibution centre of Ghirapur's aether.
  • The Museum of Invention.

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