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The Ghitu are a nomadic human tribe native to Shiv on Dominaria.


Most Ghitu are lean and muscular, with tanned skin and sharp facial features. They tend to wear their hair long, but often bind it tightly or tuck it into a cloth headdress. Their garb consists primarily of cloth layers, often mixing white and tan to help resist the heat. Leather straps and some more colorful fabrics serve to bind their clothing and to denote class. Warriors use bright red, while mages and artificers favor blue.[1]

Ghitu are adept at fire magic and artifice and survive through incredible resolve.[2] Their camps are quick to build, quick to take down and very durable. The Ghitu are known for their crafting of magical artifacts, and are the most talented smiths of Thran steel in the world. They are, however, unaware that they themselves are descendants of the Thran that originally colonized Shiv.[1]

During the Phyrexian Invasion they were phased out by Teferi along with a large part of Shiv. The Ghitu were returned safely when the Shivan rift was mended. At the request of Jhoira, a prominent member of the Ghitu, the tribe helped Venser to build a version of his ambulator.

Presently, the Ghitu are part of the Shivan Nation.


The Mi'uto, meaning "one-use warrior", are an adept class of Ghitu that are considered expendable. They value the good of the Ghitu above their own lives, and are taught particularly intense spells that may involve detonation or self-immolation.[1]

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