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Several special seasonal Magic packagings have been released by Wizards of the Coast, containing a combination of various products.

Description[edit | edit source]

Holiday Gift Box[edit | edit source]

Although Gift Boxes incidently have been released in the past, this particular product was introduced after the release of Return to Ravnica.[1]

The storage box is useful to both beginners and thorough collectors and especially designed for non-Magic playing people who want to surprise their playing relatives. Initially, the gift boxes were always released in November. Starting with Shadows over Innistrad, a Gift Box is released with each large expansion.

Each Gift Box can hold more than 2,000 Magic cards, it comes with some booster packs from the first set of a block, a pack of twenty basic lands from the same set, six illustrated plastic dividers, a sticker sheet for customizing the dividers and an exclusive card with alternate art.

Gift Box[edit | edit source]

In 2016 the product was rebranded as the Magic: The Gathering Gift Box and also appeared in the Easter Season.[2][3]

Gift Pack[edit | edit source]

For the 2017 Holiday Season the Gift Box was replaced by a Gift Pack, losing the deck box.[4] In 2018, the Gift Pack became integrated with the reintroduced Core Set, and featured 5 exclusive cards.[5][6]

Gift Edition[edit | edit source]

Starting with Throne of Eldraine in 2019, the "Gift Edition" was deluxe version of the Bundle of the relevant set.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Date Name Box Boosters Set Specials Remarks
2012-11 Holiday Gift Box X 4 Return to Ravnica Alternate art Dreg Mangler [1]
2013-11 Holiday Gift Box X 4 Theros Alternate art Karametra's Acolyte [7][8]
2014-11 Holiday Gift Box X 4 Khans of Tarkir Alternate art Sultai Charm [9]
2015-11 Gift Box X 5 Battle for Zendikar Alternate art Scythe Leopard [2][10] Except inside booster packs, the basic lands are not full-art.
2016-05 Gift Box X 5 Shadows over Innistrad Alternate art Ravenous Bloodseeker [3] First and only Gift Box released in the spring.
2016-11 Gift Box X 5 Kaladesh Alternate art Chief of the Foundry [11]
2017-10 Gift Pack 3 Amonkhet
Hour of Devastation
Foil Metalwork Colossus
Foil Kari Zev, Skyship Raider
5 foil basic lands [4]
Includes a spindown life counter and an exclusive mini-poster (Featuring art from Hour of Devastation)
2018-11 Gift Pack 4 Core Set 2019 Exclusive foil Angelic Guardian
Exclusive foil Angler Turtle
Exclusive foil Vengeant Vampire
Exclusive foil Immortal Phoenix
Exclusive foil Rampaging Brontodon
5 foil basic lands [5]
Includes a themed spindown life counter.
The 5 exclusive creature cards numbered #GP1/001 to #GP1/005 are considered to be part of Core Set 2019 .
2019-11 Gift Edition 11 Throne of Eldraine Foil bundle promo: Piper of the Swarm
20 foil basic lands
This is essentially a deluxe version of the Throne of Eldraine Bundle.[12]
One of the 11 boosters is a collector booster.
The foil rendered deck box with graphic art also includes an oversized, pearlescent, purple spindown life counter.
It also includes 20 regular basic lands and an art piece of Fervent Champion and Flaxen Intruder.
2020-11 Gift Edition 11 Zendikar Rising Foil bundle promo: TBA
20 foil basic lands (regular frame)
Deluxe version of the Zendikar Rising Bundle.[13]
One of the 11 boosters is a collector booster.
Includes a deck box and an oversized spindown life counter.
It also includes 20 regular basic lands.

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