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Gilt-Leaf Wood
Gilt-Leaf Wood
Plane Lorwyn
For other uses, see Gilt Leaf.

The Gilt-Leaf Wood is a forest at the heart of the elven Gilt Leaf tribe's realm in Lorwyn.[1] The capital of the Gilt Leaf realm, Lys Alana, lay within. Legend says that the Gilt Leaf Wood was created by Eidren, a shaman of the Perfect caste, known for his skill in shaping living trees. Eidren ordered hundreds of trees uprooted and rearranged into a pattern he deemed beautiful. The Gilt-Leaf Wood is the forest considered most beautiful by the elves. The trees have a sap that elegantly coats the spaces between the bark, and when the sun hits it just right, it seems to be golden and shimmers as if gilded.[2]

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