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Wilt Leaf
Wilt Leaf
Founded on Shadowmoor
Notable members Rhys, Eidren, Gryffid, Talara Many-Tined

For other uses, see Wilt-Leaf Wood.

After the Great Aurora's transformation of Lorwyn into Shadowmoor, the Gilt Leaf tribe became the Wilt Leaf tribe of elves. The elvish position in the world fundamentally changed, and so did the society. The elves devoted themselves to protecting the little beauty that remained in the world. The center of their realm was the Cayr Ulios safehold. They were reigned by the King and Queen of Wilt Leaf, and the highest military position was the First Vigilant.


  • Safehold: a well-protected elven fortress
  • Safewright: an elvish warrior devoted to protecting his people and the beauty of the world
  • Hallowheld: an item of beauty, collected by the elves to store and hide the beauty from the world's evils
  • Dawnhand: an elvish healer skilled in cultivating and processing the dawnglove herb (among other healing skills)
  • Vigilant: a title of the highest commanders of the Wilt Leaf troops

Known members[]

  • Rhys
  • Eidren
  • Gryffid
  • Lysara
  • Talara
  • Awylla