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Race Chimera
Birthplace Akros, Theros
Lifetime Unknown

Gnostro is an three-headed chimera from Theros.


If you find yourself wandering the mountains of Theros and you hear a cacophony of voices, it is highly recommended that you run as fast as you can. Those voices likely belong to Gnostro, a three-headed chimera that considers the entirety of the Katachton Mountains its hunting grounds. Each head takes on the appearance of a different animal and has its own ability.

The owl head lets out a bone-chilling hoot that reverberates throughout time, allowing Gnostro to glimpse the future movements of its prey. The howls and snarls of the wolf head bring forth fire that can melt even the strongest Akroan steel. The whinnies and snorts of the horse head are said to contain the power to heal any wound. Anyone able to get close enough to test it has been torn to shreds by the other two heads.[1]

In-game references[]

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